Teaser Tuesday: COLLIDE, BOOK TWO -- Plus More Fun Stuff!

So, this post is going to be a bit all over the place and for that, I'm sorry!

First up: The personal stuff. A few days before my birthday, I ended up at the ER where I found out the pain I thought was from my liver was actually due to gallstones. (Yes, the liver issue is still ongoing, too.) So I now have to get my gallbladder out. I'm not sure when, as I don't get to see the doctor until later in the month, but it should be within the next month. When this happens, I won't be around for about a day or two. So I'm trying to get everything done beforehand.

Next up: Covers! I've contacted Christa, who has done a majority of my book covers -- the Outbreak duology, the Guardians series, and most of my novellas -- and she's set to work on the cover for SERAPHINA next month. For those unfamiliar, SERAPHINA is the third novella in the Guardians series following ARABELLA and THE SHADOW PROGRAM. (It's a series about various female superheros!) I'm aiming for a late August/early September release date for SERAPHINA, but that is not set in stone yet.

Finally, some AS WE FALL news: I started back on this book, and well, I essentially threw out the chapters I'd written previously. This is good, though, because the new chapters are so much stronger and present a better story, in my opinion. Now, here's the major update regarding this book... because I've essentially gotten rid of everything before it, I've decided to query this one once it is finished.This means, I will not be self-publishing it this year. *Fingers crossed it gets picked up somewhere!* 

Now, what I'm assuming you're all here for. Since I'm not sure how many of you have read COLLIDE: BOOK ONE, which will republished by InkSpell Publishing later this year, I had to be careful what I picked for the teaser from its sequel. It couldn't contain any spoilers, but it also had to capture the essence of these characters and their story. So, here you go. An unedited teaser from the second book. 

I absolutely love this series. The installments -- which run around 17,000 words each -- are short, fun reads that are full of heart. It features some of my favorite characters and although it touches on some dark subject matters, it manages to still retain this fun element. I'm excited for you guys to be reintroduced to Gemma and Ben later this year, and here's to hoping you all come to love them as much as I do.

Back to writing I go!

Just a reminder: I switched Twitter handles. I'm not longer using @NicoleSometimes. You can now find me at @NicoleSobon, where I'm easily accessible if you need to get a hold of me. (Book bloggers and authors, I always reply on there if you have any questions!)

<3 Nicole

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