Book Deal and Other News!

I've been wanting to announce this for a bit now, but I had to wait until the contract was signed. Time  After Time, my little weirdo Young Adult romance, has found a home with Evernight Teen. I've been wanting to work with Evernight Teen for some time now. In fact, I've submitted multiple books to them but things just didn't work out. (Understandably!) So, I'm thrilled to be partnering with them on this book. Once I know more details, you'll know them! For now, just know it has a publisher behind it.

Now, onto Deadly Little Secret: I've finally changed the name. It's now titled To Hell, With Love... and it's out on submission. I love, love, love this book. Like Time After Time, this New Adult romance is a standalone title. It is not connected to any of my other titles. It's snarky, angsty and full of romance. (There are even a couple of spicy scenes that border on Adult.) I don't know when I'll have news - if any - on this one. But fingers crossed it finds a home because I would love Lila and Jay's story to reach as many readers as possible.

With those two done, what am I working on now?

Just One Night: A 10k word LGBTQ+ New Adult novella that is being written for an anthology. If it gets picked, I'm hoping to share more about it soon. If not, I'll save it and maybe develop it more down the line. (I'm 5K words in, so it's almost done.)

Grow Up & Blow Away: My standalone New Adult contemporary romance. This one is coming later this year and I'm self-publishing it. That's only because this one is pretty close to my heart. I've been working on this story for over seven years now. The version that I'm working on at the moment is an entirely new draft and it's probably my favorite WIP to date. It's steamy, but fun. I like Monica and Dillon and I think you guys will, too. (There will be a new cover coming later this year.)

Untitled Kiss Novella: I'm writing an Adult story for a contest on the Kiss app. It'll be around 10k words and it's like nothing I've written before. More details at a later date.

As We Fall: Another LGBTQ+ title I'm excited to share. This is a Young Adult book - the first of a duology - and it'll be released later this year.

Survival Instinct: I'm also re-writing Survival Instinct. I'm self-publishing this one in December. It's a full-length zombie story with romance. It's the book I've been wanting to release for years. I love Raven and I can't wait for you guys to read the new take on this story. It's much cleaner, and a hell of a lot stronger. 

Now, onto to some more goodies: Collide: Book One, Collide: Book Three, and Collide: Book Four are now available as audiobooks. There's a production issue on Collide: Book Two, so I'm hoping that is fixed soon so we can get it out. The audiobook for Stouthearted is finally available, too. I'm hoping to have even more audiobooks coming in the next few months.


Welcome to February!

Happy February, folks!

2023 is proving to be a busy year already. I'm just getting over pneumonia, so apologies for the lack of updating. I do have some news, though. Some that I can share, and some that I must wait to share.

Here's what I can share: Production on the entire COLLIDE series is done and the audiobooks are coming. While EPISODE FOUR is out now, the remaining three installments are pending approval from ACX. Once approved, they'll be available for purchase. I'm super happy with how these came out. (You can score free codes for EPISODE FOUR by heading to my Author Facebook page.)

We're nearing the finish line on DEADLY LITTLE SECRET. I'm both scared and excited to finish this one. I love these characters and this world, but it's time to finish this bad boy. I do have a publisher I intend to send it to upon completion. So, fingers crossed all goes well! This is a New Adult title that sometimes edges on the Adult bracket. It is a standalone title and will be over 60k words. So, it's a full-length novel.

There is some other news I'm eager to share... but I must wait. Just know, it's good news!

Now, how about a reading update? I recently finished reading SOME DESPERATE GLORY - check out my review here - and it's a good one. If you haven't already, add it to your TBR list.


Updates on DEADLY LITTLE SECRET, Audiobooks, and more!

We're halfway through the month already and a lottttt is going on. I've passed the halfway mark on DEADLY LITTLE SECRET. It's almost done and I'm excited. I'm in the midst of an action-packed chapter right now, and knowing how the story will eventually end? I'm loving seeing how these characters develop - I don't outline, as I've found they just don't work for me, but I always have an idea of how the story ends. This book is much spicier than anything I've written to date. You can read an UNEDITED version of the first seventeen chapters on Wattpad now.

Audiobooks: All three novels in the EMILE REED CHRONICLES are now available in audiobook. I'm working on getting the digital shorts in audiobook, too, but I've hit a hiccup with NEW BEGINNINGS. I'm waiting to hear what's going on from ACX. Fingers crossed that is taken care of soon. The audiobooks for the COLLIDE novellas, THANKS FOR THE VENOM, and STOUTHEARTED are also in production. They should be coming very, very soon.

I still have no news on TIME AFTER TIME. I'm hoping that changes soon, but that's just how publishing works, unfortunately. It's a lot of waiting. I'm still hopeful it finds a home. For the time being, here's a snippet of the book. (I loveeeeee this book.)

Along with finishing up DEADLY LITTLE SECRET, I'm hard at work on AS WE FALL. This book, guys. I adore these characters. It's an LGBTQ+ romance featuring aliens. (If you loved the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, you'll love this one.) I've had a blast writing this book. As you're all aware, I'm sure, I initially planned to release this book a long time ago. But the drafts were always... lacking. I just couldn't release them into the world because I simply didn't love them. I'm happy to say that has finally changed with this draft of the story.

<3 Nicole


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Last year, THANKS FOR THE VENOM was finally released through InkSpell Publishing. This is a book I started years ago, and I'd never really been sure if it would find a home... but it did! It's currently available in both eBook and paperback wherever books are sold, and at some point this year, it'll be available in audiobook. I'm excited to continue to share Harley's story with everyone. (Book reviewers: If you'd like to review the title, THANKS FOR THE VENOM is now on NetGalley.)

I also finished writing TIME AFTER TIME last year. The book is out on submission. I'm hoping to have news by February. If it doesn't get picked up, I'll put it up for pre-order later on. 

So, what's coming this year?

Right now, I'm finishing up DEADLY LITTLE SECRET. I adore this book. It's been nice writing New Adult lately, so expect more New Adult titles from me. This book feels like a mix of WICKED by Jennifer L. Armentrout and BORN RECKLESS by Keary Taylor. It's fun, flirty and full of action. It's a paranormal romance and I'm expecting to have this draft finished by the end of January. (I'm around 30K words into it right now, so that is possible.)

I'm also working on AS WE FALL. This alien book has been in the works for yearsssssss. I never released it because was never happy with it. I've re-written this book more than any other. I'm on draft eight, I believe, and I'm finally happy with how it's coming along. This one will be out later this year.

And the third, and final book, that I'm working on right now is GROW UP & BLOW AWAY. This is a New Adult contemporary romance, and guys, it's really, really good. Monica is one of my favorite leads. She's not the usual sarcastic lead you'll find in my books, but she's awesome. I can't wait for you all to experience her love story with Dillion.

I have other books in progress - REBIRTH, LEAVE ME HAUNTED, and CHRISTMAS NOVELLA #2 - but those will not be touched until February. 

I should note: DEADLY LITTLE SECRET is going out on submission in late February. As of right now, I have no intention to self-publish it. If it doesn't sell, then yes, I'll self-publish it... but I'm holding out hope that this book will find a home.

One final update: COLLIDE is finally, finally, finally available in a collected paperback. You can purchase it now for $12.99 through Amazon. It's being titled COLLIDE: THE ANTHOLOGY. As far as I know, the eBooks will not be made into a single volume. The individual episodes are still available as eBooks. Audiobooks are coming soon, too. 

I'm hoping to be more active on here this year.

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Looking Ahead to 2023: New Releases and More!

As the year comes to a close, let's take a quick look ahead to 2023.

I have a bunch of books set to come out next year, all of which are now available to pre-order through Amazon:

  1. As We Fall (The Shaden Duet, Book One) -- Oct. 17th, 2023
  2. Grow Up & Blow Away -- Nov. 1st, 2023
  3. Untitled Christmas Novella -- Nov. 13th, 2023
  4. Rebirth: An Emile Reed Chronicles Prequel Novel -- Dec. 5th, 2023

These are all confirmed to go out next year. There will be no cancellations. These are definitely happening. I also have a few titles that are done but are out on submission at the moment (TIME AFTER TIME being the main one). I'll (hopefully) have news on that one after the New Year.

I have other books I want to release next year, but I'm only committing to these four. This way I don't overwork myself and make promises I can't keep.

Also, I'll be back on Dreame soon. CAPTURE will potentially be exclusive to Dreame. While I did revise it, I don't feel comfortable re-publishing it, so I've opted to go in a new direction.

<3 Nicole Sobon


'TIME AFTER TIME' is Complete!

After what feels like forever, TIME AFTER TIME is complete.

This is a book that I never intended to write. In fact, I was browsing my cover designer's website looking to revamp the covers for SUBMERGED and STOUTHEARTED... when I landed on the below cover. I instantly fell in love with it. I can't say why, I really don't know. All I knew was that I needed to purchase the cover and write a book centered around it. So, I did just that. TIME AFTER TIME was born that day, and it was officially completed last week.

Funnily enough, I ended up going back and adding another 2k words to it after I initially finished it. I've since put it aside to force myself to avoid adding to it. (I'll continue to add onto it otherwise, and sometimes, those additions are not always good!) 

It is currently on submission and I'm hoping it finds a home. If it doesn't, I'll self-publish it early next year. That's only if I can't find a home for the book. Either way, you guys are getting a lot of content from me next year. Two confirmed releases on my end, and depending on where TIME AFTER TIME lands, it could be a 2023 release. ;)

I'm also working on DEADLY LITTLE SECRET - my New Adult paranormal romance. I love, love, love this story, and it'll be going on submission around February/March of next year. Lila and Jay, guys, they're my favorite couple I've written to date.

Outside of that, I'm drafting AS WE FALL and working on an untitled Christmas novella that I snuck in for preorder yesterday. Cover and image to come soon!

<3 Nicole


NEWS: 2023 Release, A New Edition of 'Capture,' and Plenty More!

It has been a bit since I've updated this but there's plenty to write about, so let's talk updates, shall we?

First up, new releases! I went some time without releasing books and that is finally changing. I'm excited to say that GROW UP AND BLOW AWAY and AS WE FALL are both available for pre-order. Both are set for release in late 2023. GROW UP AND BLOW AWAY is a standalone New Adult contemporary romance, while AS WE FALL is the first in a duology.

Next up is the new edition of CAPTURE: I unpublished CAPTURE across all platforms a while ago. I even deleted it from Wattpad. Why? I hated the edition that was out there. My writing has improved drastically since I first began writing books in 2010. So, I rewrote it. I still love this story and want it to find readers... but I also knew it needed a lot of work. I'm not sure what will happen to it, or if it'll be republished anytime soon, but I am changing the title. The current working title is AUTUMN RISING, but I doubt that'll stick. 

More updates? Yep! There's plenty more.

TIME AFTER TIME: Guys, it's done. I finished the story I feared I would never finish. I've even submitted it to a publisher. (An indie one that I feel would be a good fit for it.) It'll be a bit before I have news on it, but I'll have news... at some point!

DEADLY LITTLE SECRET: My favorite project I'm currently working on. It's a New Adult Paranormal Romance and I adore Lila and Jay so, so, so much. The goal is to submit it to publishers in January/February. I have no intention of self-publishing this one.

AS WE FALL: This is my NaNo project this year. I'm thrilled with this new draft. If you've been following the blog for the past few years, this book has gone through various drafts. I hated all of them. All. Of. Them. This new one, though, is great. Aliens. Romance. Action. A duology. It's fun and I'm excited to finally share it next year. (Again, pre-orders are now live on Amazon!)

There will be another Christmas story next year, too. I don't have a title yet, and I don't have a cover, but expect pre-orders for that project to hit late next month. Like ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, it'll be New Adult and will be very romance-centric.

If there's something you'd like to see from me, let me know! I want to hear what you guys think!

And don't forget, you can check out THANKS FOR THE VENOM now!