A Few Updates!

New Beginnings, the final installment in the Emile Reed Chronicles, is finally available! I had a hell of a time writing this digital short. It's an emotional read, and it really focuses on the bond that Emile & Colton have. It's available now for $0.99 through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. It should be live on iTunes and Kobo soon!

And since it is finally live, here is a small teaser:

“You need to relax,” Grant said, nudging me with his shoulder. A little too hard. I reached my hand to my shoulder and rubbed my shoulder, trying to ease the pain. “I know you’re scared, Colton, I am too, but this is Emile. She’s tough, she’ll pull through, and when she does, she’s going to need you.”
Not as much as I’m going to need her, I thought.

I'm currently working on the eBook for the entire series. I started working on the cover, but I wasn't happy with it. So I'm still toying around with one. As soon as I decide on a cover, I'll upload the complete series as one eBook for $7.99.

As for an entire series paperback, I'm planning a special edition release for later this year. The special edition paperback will include The Program Manual and The Untold Stories (both of which will be available as their own eBooks). I don't know the price yet as Createspace sets a minimum for me, but it's going to be higher than my other paperbacks since it'll be massive.

Cover reveals! Carrie Butler, who did the amazeballs cover for Program 13, is working on updated covers for both Program 12 and Allegiance. If all goes well, I'll be revealing them at some point in May. She'll also be redoing the covers for the rest of the series over the next couple of months. I'm really excited to work with her, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. =)

Speaking of covers, I decided to redo the covers for a few of my short stories. Since these all use stock images, I wanted them to stand out. So, here are the new covers for Spark (Outbreak, 0.5), Rare Talents, and The Yearning (Survival Instinct, 0.5).

Parker is a seventeen year old girl with a curse: with a single touch of her hand, she can kill someone.

She has spent her life running from Covera Corporations, a place that captures Rares like her and uses them as their own personal weapons.

When they find her and bring her back to their headquarters, Parker is given the option to either join them, or be forced into compliance.

But the choice was never hers to make.

Note: This is a SHORT STORY complete at approximately 2,850 words.

Rare Talents is a standalone short story that doesn't tie in to any of my other titles. You can purchase it now for only $0.99 through Amazon.

In this short story, you are introduced to Harper and Keegan, two teens with nothing in common other than the desire to live.
Bonus short story, THE FACILITY, is also included in this eBook. THE FACILITY was previously only available to read on Wattpad!

Spark isn't live on Amazon yet, but it will be later tonight. Just a reminder that Spark is NOT a mandatory read. It's merely a bonus short story for fans of Submerged.

Strength, which is Ana's short story, will be available later this week. I need to redo the cover for that one still, but it'll be back up soon!

I'm working on Stouthearted like crazy, and once I'm positive that I won't be deleting the first chapter (again), I'll post a long teaser.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone really quick. I finished writing a series, one that I never meant to write in the beginning, and it is all because of my awesome readers. Program 13 was supposed to be a standalone title, a one shot, but people wanted more. And I was happy to oblige because I loved these characters. This little series has been my baby. A few crazy things have happened since Criminal Minds used a quote from Program 13 in their eighth season, a lot more readers have discovered my books, and I'm beyond thankful that people are taking the time to read Emile's story. It means a lot to me. So, thank you. I <3 all of you.

If you've enjoyed the Emile Reed Chronicles, I hope you'll read Rebirth (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 0.3), when it is published later this year, and that you'll check out As We Fall (The Shaden, 1), the first book in a YA science fiction duet! 

<3 Nicole



Colton fans, I'm excited to announce that NEW BEGINNINGS will be published this weekend!
This book, like Rebooted, is very emotional and easily my favorite of all of the digital shorts in this series. We really get to see another side to both Colton and Grant in this installment, and I really hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It'll be available for $0.99 as an eBook only.

I will also be releasing an omnibus of the Emile Reed Chronicles with a new cover over the next couple of weeks. That will be $7.99 (eBook)... there will be a paperback copy, but I don't know for how much just yet as I'll need to go by the minimum set by Createspace.

I've enjoyed writing this series, and I'm so, so, so, so thankful for those that took the time to read the series. I appreciate every single one of you. <33333

I don't have my USB drive on me right now, or else I'd post a teaser, but if you've purchased a copy of Rebooted, there's an extended teaser for New Beginnings in the back of the eBook! =)

I promise, I'll return to reviewing books this weekend. I've actually managed to finish reading a book, so woo!

<3 Nicole


Giveaway Time!

Honestly, I'm so beyond on book reviews. I probably should be reading right now, but I'm actually trying to write. Since I'm back in the writing cave, this blog will be quiet for a bit, and to apologize for that, I figured a giveaway was needed!

Here is what's up for grabs:

Also, you'll review the first Stouthearted swag (bookmarks and something else).

How do you enter? 
  • Leave a comment on this blog with your favorite line from one of my books. Yep, any of them. (I'm actually going to be using the most popular ones on future swag.)
  • Follow this blog.
  • Tweet about the giveaway.
  • And then e-mail me (NicoleWritesYA@gmail.com) with your blog follower name, and your tweet link.
As usual, you need to be at least 13 years old to enter and you need to be a US resident. Trust me, if I could afford international shipping, I'd do it. But I can't afford it right now. =\

I'll randomly draw one winner on April 1st (for real).


Movie Review: Divergent!

I haven’t done a movie review in a while, but I decided that I needed to write one for Divergent.

The last batch of YA movie adaptions: The Host (it isn’t a YA book, but it was marketed as a movie for YA readers, so I’m including it here), Beautiful Creatures, and Vampire Academy haven’t done well at the box office. And there’s a reason for that. They failed to capture the books properly. Sure, Vampire Academy was amusing a fun movie, and Beautiful Creatures was a decent movie. But overall? For me, they never made me want to see their stories continue on the big screen.

And then there was Catching Fire, a damn good adaption.

Why did Catching Fire work? Because the movie not only followed the book closely, but it also offered up wonderful performances by the cast. Something that the other adaptions lacked.

But thankfully, that wasn’t an issue with Divergent.

I’ll admit, when I started to read the reviews from critics, I feared that I’d find the movie to be boring and I wouldn’t care about Insurgent heading to the big screen. But then I started to see fan reactions, and how positive almost all of them were, and I decided to go early today, figuring the crowds would’ve died down some. (They didn’t. My theater was fully packed for the first showing of the day.) And I’m so glad that I did.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Divergent, but I felt that the movie was an excellent adaption. I left with a smile on my face, and the urge to go right back into the theater to watch it again.

I’ll be the first to admit that when Shailene Woodley was first announced as Tris, I was worried she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. At this point, I’d only seen her in the ABC show, and I wasn’t impressed. And then The Spectacular Now came out, and I was beginning to understand why film blogs were saying she was the “next big thing”.  And then Divergent came out, and well, she nailed Tris. She was fantastic, especially in her scenes with Kate Winslet. I don’t think that Summit could’ve found a better Tris. She brought the character to life; she gave everything in her portrayal, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to Insurgent.

Four. Oh, Four. I never really had a picture of Four in my head when I read Divergent, so I wasn’t entirely picky when they announced the actor for this role. But Theo James did an awesome job. Shailene and Theo worked fantastically off one another. I think they were the perfect leads for this movie (er, well series since Insurgent has been given the go ahead).

The romance: The best part of the movie for me was that they didn’t try to play up the romance. I was worried that they would, but they didn’t. It never felt as though the romance was the central plot of the story.

Because I don’t want to turn this into a five page review, since I’m sure I can ramble on about why I loved this adaption, I’m just going to sum up my favorite parts below:
  1. The cast: The casting was spot on for this movie. Each and every actor really knocked it out of the park here. Kate Winslet, as expected, was fantastic. But for me, the best performances came from Shailene (Tris), Theo (Four), Miles (Peter), and Jai (Eric).
  2. The action: The action scenes were pretty awesome. My favorite was the final showdown. Shailene was fantastic in this scene. I know a lot of critics are bashing the ending, but for me, that was when Shailene really shined.
  3. Can I just say everything? I mean, sure, there were some slow parts, but the movie reminded me why I loved the book.


Cover Reveal: Stouthearted (Outbreak, 2)!

Fans of SUBMERGED have been asking about the sequel for close to a year now, and unfortunately, it got put on the back burner while I finished up the Emile Reed Chronicles. Well, the book isn't done yet, but we do have a cover and a description! (Progress, people!)
And for a refresher, here's the cover for SUBMERGED:

Christa of Paper & Sage Design worked on this cover for me, and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. It's a lot lighter than the cover for SUBMERGED, but there is a reason for that. Think of it as a light at the end of the tunnel type thing.

This book is a bit different than SUBMERGED. This isn't Taylen going after Troum to rescue her sister. The journey she goes on in the sequel is a lot bigger than that, and it comes with a lot more risks.

What I can say so far:
1. General Hack plays a large part in the sequel.
2. There's a hell of a lot more to the Outbreak than Taylen and company know. (Again, Hack plays a large part in this sequel, so expect him to be involved heavily.)
3. There are plenty of Taylen and Glate moments. And no, the sequel doesn't enter love triangle territory.
4. Some characters will die. This is a dystopian story, not everyone is going to live.
5. We do learn more about Troum and his involvement with the Outbreak, as well as with General Hack.
6. Lots of secrets!

Once I finish this draft, I plan on taking a week or two to work on something else before I start editing it. As soon as I enter the editing stage, I'll announce a release date. It won't be too long of a wait, I promise. I'm actually re-reading SUBMERGED right now, so now that I'm back in that world, I'm finally ready to sit down and write!

Concerning the SUBMERGED prequel novella: There is still a possibility that I'll do this down the line, but it would feature all new characters. I need to finish a few other projects before I even consider starting this, though.

<3 Nicole

P.S. I'm not done with cover reveals just yet! Over the next couple of months, I'll be working with Carrie of Forward Authority Design Services to unveil new covers for the rest of the Emile Reed Chronicles!


New to My Shelves!

I'm avoiding NetGalley, as I'm playing review catch-up right now, but I did snatch Snitch (The Bea Chronicles, 2). I loved the first book, and I've been eagerly awaiting the sequel. So I kind of had to.

As for books that I purchased this week, I only purchased one:
  • Darkhouse by Karina Halle
I actually had the original paperback that Karina sent me a few years back when I reviewed it, but I've been meaning to purchase the new paperback. (I like the books on my shelves to match, which usually leads to me repurchasing my favorite books.)

Also, I wasn't planning on revealing the cover for Stouthearted until later this month. But! I'm impatient, and it's way too pretty to keep to myself. So expect the post to give live tomorrow. =)

For now, here is a teaser:


P.S. I am catching up on my reading, as well as trying to squeeze in writing in my free time. Because of that, the blog has been quiet. I apologize for that, I am here, and I am working on catching up. I'm almost finished with Snitch (The Bea Chronicles, 2) and I'm at the halfway point in Avalon, so reviews are coming. I promise!


Let's talk about REBOOTED.

Emile's story is pretty much complete. I'm honestly just dragging out New Beginnings at this point, mainly because I'm going to miss Emile & Colton. I adore all of my characters, but these two? They were, and always will be, my favorites.

When I finished Rebooted, I found myself feeling both upset and excited. Upset because of the events that took place in the final novel, and excited because I knew that I'd ended it exactly how I'd set out to.

I've been dying to talk about how the series ends for some time now, but I've done my best to keep quiet in fear in that I would spoil something for someone. Well, Rebooted has been out for a little while now, and I feel comfortable enough to talk about the ending.

Don't worry, if you haven't caught up with the series, I'm including a spoiler cut. ;)