Surprise! I Published a New Story!

Okay, so this wasn't exactly planned. But it happened.

Over the weekend, I finally decided to read a trade copy of Unity I had after finding out that Amazon had Unity listed within their Kindle Worlds program. Needless to say, after reading it and growing frustrated at how awesome of a character Livewire was but how poorly she was used, I decided to write a short story from her point of view. Thus, Unity: Livewire was born. It's a super short story at around 5K words, but it's a fun read for $0.99.

If you read it, hopefully you enjoy it. I had writing it!

It's available exclusively through Amazon and takes place during the events of Unity: To Kill a King, although I tried to make it generic enough that non-comic readers may enjoy it.

Back to working on the Collide series I go!


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