I will be updating this page with my WIPs:

Currently Working On:

1. As We Fall (The Shaden Duet, 1):
A new science fiction series I'm working on that features aliens (think of the movie Alien). It's going to be scary, campy, and there will even be some romance!
2. The Untold Stories/The Program Manual:
The Untold Stories will serve as a companion book to the Emile Reed Chronicles. All of the stories will be short stories and will be told from various points of view. You'll see a few of the secondary characters from The Emile Reed Chronicles pop up in this book, but you'll also meet some new faces that were around when Emile's story was taking place that we never really got to see.

Up Next:

1. Rebirth (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 0.3): McVeigh's Novel. This will be a companion novel to the Emile Reed series. It is not a must read to understand the main series.

2. Survival Instinct (The Yearning, 1): This will be a continuation of The Yearning and The Facility. Survival Instinct will be fulllllll of zombies, so if you don't like zombies, you're probably not going to want to read this. Just putting that out there.

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