New to My Shelves!

I forgot to do one of these last weekend, so some of these are actually a week overdue. But hey, better late than never, right? ;)

Books Purchased:
Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear by Paul Crilley
Archetype by M.D. Waters

Small confession? I actually haven't read Wicked yet. I did start it a couple of times, and made it about fifty pages in before I had to stop reading for various reason. One of which wasn't because I didn't like it. (It's JLA, I'm bound to love it.) So I figured grabbing Torn now would be the push I need to jump back in.

NetGalley Books:
A Fine Bromance by Christopher Hawthorne Moss
Kiss Cam by Kiara London
Nemesis by Anna Banks
Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

Because I had to take such a longgggg break from book reviewing due to poor health, I'm trying to get my score back to a decent place on NetGalley. That means picking out interesting books and reading & reviewing them as quickly as possible. (If you'll notice, most of the reviews I've posted since I got back into reviewing are Net Galley reads.) Now to try and squeeze some of the overflowing books from my own shelves in there somehow...

What books did you get this week?!

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