Book Review: 'Project Renovatio' by Allison Maruska

Project RenovatioProject Renovatio by Allison Maruska
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Levin Davis has it made. At 20, he’s a college graduate with a dream job, a beautiful girlfriend, and a life that can only get better - until he receives a mysterious letter suggesting his long-dead father is alive and hiding an extraordinary secret. 

Distraught, Levin meets the letter’s author, who could pass for his twin. The stranger claims to be part of a genetically engineered race designed to survive global catastrophes and rebuild society, and he insists Levin and his sisters are as well. 

Despite his disbelief, Levin uncovers not only the bizarre truth of his existence but also Project Renovatio’s ominous purpose – to secure genetic superiority, the new race must live according to harsh demands or risk severe penalties inflicted on their loved ones. If Levin hopes to protect his family and live a free life, he must escape Project Renovatio – or rise above himself to fight them. 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story that starts off slow, but finishes with a bang.

The book moves rather slowly for the first few chapters, briefly setting up the mystery to be told over the course of the novel. And although you may consider stopping because of this, I encourage you to continue to reading should you decide to give this book a chance. I admittedly didn't particularly care about the characters or their actions early on, but that changed once the conspiracy began to be revealed. There are a lot of layers to this story, and you have to allow them to be peeled back slowly in order for the impact of the ending to really serve its purpose.

Allowing the story to be told through two characters was a plus, as well. It allowed us to not only see what Levin was dealing with at the revelation of Project Renovatio, but also Rana. I don't believe the emotional toll of the story would have held as much weight if the story were told through just Levin's point of view.

I quite enjoyed this story and have already gone on to pre-order the second book.

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