I ended up posting the cover for Is Love: The Ridley Collection over on Facebook earlier this week, but for those that may have missed it, I figured I'd post it over here as well.

As with most of my covers, this one was designed by Christa of Paper & Sage Design.

This series is something that came about while writing Submerged. (The original version.) I'd written the first line, with no clue what I actually wanted the story to be about, but in the end I found myself loving Ridley's story. It isn't one that is for everyone. The collections are short (all three collections will only run around 17k words total), but they do tell a complete story. The characters are also younger than most of my other characters. And it's more of a romance story than anything else I've written - yes, even Collide.

For those interested, you can pick up the first of three collection, Is Love: The Ridley Collection, by heading over here!

<3 Nicole 

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