Cover Reveal: Rebirth!

It has been awhile since I've written something on here that didn't include bad news, so I'm super thrilled to be revealing the cover for Rebirth today!

This book is happening because of the fans that told me how much they loved McVeigh and wanted a chance to get to know him better. Rebirth should answer any and all questions readers may have regarding his true motivations during The Emile Reed Chronicles. Yes, he is a monster, but this book shows us who he was before that. The novel itself is a prequel set way before the events of The Emile Reed Chronicles, although the epilogue leads directly into Program 12 and Program 13.

Those of you that won signed copies of the cover, you should have them in about two weeks. I'm waiting on the prints to come in from Snapfish. Once they do, I'll go ahead and sign them, and then they should be in the mail within a few days after that.

I will be revealing the brand new cover for Is Love: Volumes 1-3, now titled Is Love: Ridley Collection, on Thursday. I meant to finish this series two years ago. Unfortunately, the bad feedback from most readers led to me losing my desire to finish the series. Thankfully, my desire to work on the series has come back and the next three volumes will be available later this year.

<3 Nicole

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