New to My Shelves!

I actually didn't pick up many books this week as I have to be careful with my money for the next month. (SDCC tickets go on sale in February!) Plus, I kind of need to get through the stacks of books I picked up over the past month.

Books I Purchased:
  • Mind the Gap: Volume 1 
  • Mind the Gap: Volume 2
I already read & reviewed Volume 1, which I really enjoyed, so I can't wait to start on Volume 2. It'll be a week or two before I can start it, since I have a small stack to get through before then, but I'm excited.

If you're waiting on an e-mail from me, I haven't gone through my writing e-mail just yet. I had a bit of an allergy attack yesterday (throat was swelling up and my stomach was in severe pain), so I stayed in bed nearly all day. I do have to stop by my job later today, but I'm hoping to either respond to e-mails within the next hour or later tonight, once I'm home from work.

<3 Nicole

<3 Nicole

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