Teaser Tuesday: THE HUMANE ZOMBIE!

So, some time back, I mentioned how I had a short story coming out in an anthology. Well, I figured I'd give you all a sneak peek of The Humane Zombie!

“I guess I just like to keep things interesting,” I replied.
A loud scream sounded from up ahead and I leaned forward, in search of Mila, only to get my foot caught on a fallen branch, sending me head first into a pile of twigs and dirt. So much for being a scary zombie.
I dug my fingers into the ground beneath me, and pulled myself back up, only to face Dean and his amused grin. “That you do, my friend. That you do.”
“I’m glad I could amuse you,” I muttered, turning my attention back towards Mila only to find she was no longer there. “What the hell?”
“Don’t tell me you missed that,” Mila groaned as she ran up behind me. “The kid nearly pissed his pants. It was quite possibly my best scare this month, if I do say so myself.”
She patted herself on her shoulder playfully as Dean moved in to give her a high five. “Oh, he totally missed it. He was far too busy becoming acquainted with this fallen tree branch here.”
“Are you freaking kidding me?” Mila joked. “Dude, how did you not see that?”
I could’ve made a joke about how crappy a zombie’s eyesight was, or how my limbs had tightened up after I’d died. But if there was one thing I’d learned in my short time as a member of the undead, it was that I was just as horrible at telling jokes as I was at scaring the living. Go figure.
“It wasn’t like I was looking for a tree branch,” I answered. “I was trying to focus on you and the kid, and I didn’t bother to look on the ground in front of me.”
“You’re never going to get the hang of it, Nolan, if you’re not even familiar with your surroundings. It’s more than coming off as scary. You need to know what’s around you and how to make use of it, which was kind of the entire purpose of bringing you to the end of the clearing.”
The Humane Zombie will be included in an anthology coming out from Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing. As soon as I know more details, I'll make sure to share them! =)

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