Cover Reveal: The Untold Stories!

So, I have a surprise cover reveal for all of you today!
As you probably know by now, I will be releasing a few more stories featuring characters from the Emile Reed Chronicles later this year. They will be free to read for a limited time via Wattpad. After that, they'll be available as an eBook through all eBook retailers! Since this is a seperate thing from the Emile Reed Chronicles, I wanted to make sure that the cover was a bit different from the others. Again, this isn't Emile's story, it is just set during her story. So I didn't want to make her the cover model.

I had an idea of what I wanted for a cover, but since I suck at making covers, I put it off and figured that, when I had the money, I'd hire someone to make a custom cover. That wasn't what happened. Because while Christa was working on the new cover for the Emile Reed Chronicles: The Complete Series, she posted a few new premades to her site. (FYI: Her premades are fantastic.) I immediately fell in love with one of them. For me, it felt like the perfect cover for The Untold Stories. It captured the science fiction aspect of the book, while also offering up a mysterious feel. Which is important, because this eBook is a totally different viewpoint of the story told in the Emile Reed Chronicles. Not only will there be new stories from secondary characters - the three subjects Emile visits will be making an appearance for the first time - but we'll also be getting a better understanding of the Programs thanks to The Program Manual.

I don't have a release date set in mind yet, mainly because I still have a lot of work left to complete on this project, but it will be before the end of the year. That much I can promise.

For now, here's the wonderful cover designed by Christa of Paper & Sage Design:

<3 Nicole

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