Teaser Tuesday Throwback: Rebooted.

As most of you know, I finished writing the Emile Reed Chronicles earlier this year. For me, that series was about discovering what it is that makes us human and, most importantly, realizing that life isn't meant to be perfect.

Today is Tuesday, which makes it Teaser Tuesday. I was going to share a teaser from Stouthearted, but I've decided to share a teaser from Rebooted. Yes, I know it's already available - and has been for some time. But this an important excerpt for me. Not only does it capture the tone of the series, but it also captures how I'm feeling these days. (I've been giving updates regarding my grandfather on my Facebook page.) There isn't much to report right now, nothing has changed. It's going to be day by day, and it's going to take a lot of time before things fully get better - not perfect, but better.

Anyway, here's a teaser from Rebooted:

Life was about sacrifice. That was something that I’d wished that I had known sooner. It wasn’t meant to be all kisses and rainbows. Life was meant to be full of pain, of anger, but most importantly, it was meant to be full of love, and with love, there came sacrifice.
That was the difference between living and simply existing. In life, you constructed relationships, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable; you allowed yourself to be broken because pain helped you to grow into someone better.
And I had grown into someone better. I’d become someone capable of caring, of loving, of understanding what it truly meant to be human. I became someone who knew how to take charge of their life; someone that wouldn’t dare allow the threat of death to force them into submission any longer.
I’d made the wrong choices early on, choices that not only affected my life, but the lives of those around me. And I fully understood the consequences of those choices now.
I had watched enough people die because of my selfishness.
This was my chance to show them just how sorry I was.
This was my chance to give them back the very thing my Uncle Charles had stolen from them – life.

<3 Nicole

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