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I've been quiet on the blog front, and I'm sorry about that.
I took a mini break from the internet over the holiday weekend because I'm honestly running on fumes these days. I'm trying to catch up on my review stack, so if you're an author waiting on a review, it is coming! I just need a bit more time to catch-up on my reading!

To make up for my silence, I have two teasers today. An extended teaser from Stouthearted, and a cover teaser for Arabella!

An extended teaser for Stouthearted:

The Beginning
When I’d managed to survive the Outbreak ten years ago, I thought that there was no way life could get much worse. Apparently I had been a bit too hopeful on that one because this was definitely worse. Much worse.
I was angry, in pain, and beyond ready to go home.
But I had a mission to finish, one that no one had yet to return home from. I wasn’t going to allow myself to be another Rescue Guard added to those that had died during a mission. Screw that.
I glanced down at my tablet, at the images of the two men I’d been sent to locate, and leaned back against a tree. I’d remembered seeing the one on television when I was younger. His face had been ingrained in my memory. But the other guy was a stranger.
“If you manage to locate them, you are to report your findings immediately, do you understand? Don’t try and be a hero, Bradley. You’ve seen what they’re capable of.” My bosses words replayed in my thoughts as I shoved the tablet back inside of my backpack.
How the hell could I forget what they were capable of? I asked myself.
When Kyle told me he was being sent on the next rescue team three months ago, I did everything I could to try and persuade him to stay. But the idiot insisted on going.
“I’ll be fine,” he promised. “I’ll be back before you even have time to miss me.”
I don’t know why I allowed him to board the Hovercopter that day. I knew that what he’d told me had been nothing more than nonsense meant to reassure me, but I allowed myself to believe it. And he never came back.
We lost contact with the Hovercopter shortly after it arrived in Florida.
That seemed to be the norm with the rescue missions.
As soon as our teams would arrive in Florida, we would lose contact with them. It was almost as though they just disappeared.
But I knew that wasn’t true. Because every time, without fail, the Hovercopters would register months later, but there would still be no sign of our men.
It was almost as though both Carlton Troum and General Hack had been expecting us, which was why I decided to fly a different route into the state. The thing was, I hadn’t been expecting what I’d found when I arrived.
“What the hell?” I glanced around at the rubble around me, wondering if maybe I’d gone in the wrong direction. But according to my handheld GPS, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
Smack dab in the middle of a graveyard.

A few fun facts about Bradley:
He's a new character. He's one of my favorites. He plays a big part in this final book for multiple reasons. And no, he wasn't introduced in order to write a love triangle. He's actually a gay male character, something that is touched on in the story, but only when there's reason for it to be mentioned.

A teaser for the cover of Arabella:

I'll probably be quiet over the next couple of days. I'm trying to finish up work on Stouthearted, so I need to focus. If you need me, I'm always reachable by e-mail.

And to make up for being so late on reviews, I will be doing giveaways for the next four reviews I'll be posting. So keep an eye out for those. ;)

<3 Nicole

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