PROGRAM 13 is now FREE!

Okay, after fighting with Smashwords for far too long, I've finally managed to make Program 13 free everywhere!

I forgot how much of a nightmare Smashwords could be. In order to get a title to go free on Smashwords, you need to submit it for "premium" distribution. Program 13 had been approved for premium distribution, and then I went in to make it free, and all of a sudden Smashwords had issues with my cover size. (Keep in mind, it was the same exact cover as before. All I had changed was the price.) Because of this, I had to pull it from premium distribution, which made it so that I couldn't make it free through Smashwords. It was a big mess.

But thankfully, Draft2Digital has finally started to allow authors to make their books free through them! I didn't know this, or else I could've avoided the entire Smashwords mess to begin with. Oops. But I finally got it to work!

I've also made Program 12 free. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on Amazon to price match this one.

Please note that only Program 12 and Program 13 will be free. None of the other books will be made free. But if you find that you enjoyed Program 13, you can purchase the series omnibus for only $5.99 (for a limited time). You'll save around $5 by doing so. ;)

Here are the links to download Program 12 for free:
Amazon -- B&N -- Kobo -- iTunes -- Smashwords

Here are the links to download Program 13 for free:

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