Book Review: Nailed by Christine d'Abo

NailedNailed by Christine d'Abo
ebook, 84 pages
Published: April 15th 2014 by Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin 
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Description from Goodreads:
Warning: This show contains scenes of sexual tension.

Hosting a new TV show is a fantasy-turned-reality for diva decorator Sophia Holbrook. But concentrating on color swatches is hard when all she can think of is her studly cohost, contractor Fynn Babineau. These two may clash over blueprints and budgets on-screen, but with the lust palpable between them, rumor has it they have been putting more than just their heads together behind the scenes.... What secrets will the cameras expose? Tune in tonight to find out.

Viewer discretion advised. Mature audiences only.

My Review:
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read a lot of the Cosmo Red Hot Reads. I’ve come to find that they are enjoyable, short reads that contain plenty of humor and romance. Most of them are fantastic reads, while others I’ve found to just be enjoyable.
NAILED would fall into the enjoyable category. It’s a fast read, but I couldn’t help but to feel as though it was missing something after I finished it. It just didn’t feel as though there was enough story there. I mean, what happened with the missing funds, how did Carl know so much about Sophia beforehand, what happened after the build, how was Fynn found innocent, etc. There was just too much that was left hanging in the end for me to fully enjoy this story. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Sophia and Fynn’s story. It was a good read, I just wanted more in the end.
Onto what the actual story is about:
Sophia has just landed her first reality television gig as host of a brand new design show. She’s both nervous and excited. Unable to sleep the night before, she heads to the project site early the next day before everyone else arrives to take a look around. Only, she ends up running into Fynn Babineau, who doesn’t think she’s cut out for the gig.
It kind of felt like I was reading about a HGTV show, which was kind of fun. (I spend way too much time watching that channel.) That was probably my favorite part of the story. It was something different. I definitely think HGTV fans will enjoy NAILED.
In the end, I’d say it’s worth checking out.

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