Announcing "Arabella"!

Remember how I said I wanted to work on a new novella after I finished writing Stouthearted? Well, I kind of started on one already. I can't reveal too much information, but I can tell you the following:

Title: Arabella
Genre: New Adult Science Fiction
Release Date: To be Determined

Some basic information:
  1. This will be a digital only release.
  2. It'll be around 30,000 words.
  3. It is meant to be a standalone title.
  4. It has superheroes, an awesome villain, romance, and humor.
  5. I was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (during my annual re-watch of the entire series) and my love of Black Widow. Arabella is definitely a kick ass main character/superhero. And Cole is pretty awesome, too.
It's a lot grittier than some of my other titles. Again, this is a New Adult story.

I'm planning on contacting a cover designer next month after I return from the Philadelphia Comic Con. When the cover is ready, I'm going to reach out to some bloggers to help reveal the cover. (If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail.)

I can't really reveal too much just yet, as I still have a bit of writing left to do, but I will do a more detailed post next month.

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