Teaser Tuesday: Stouthearted!

I figured I'd share a teaser from Stouthearted since I'm finally making decent progress. And well, I finally feel as though I got the Prologue to where I need it to be. (Seriously, I think I've rewritten this Prologue a lot more than the prologue in Submerged!)

If you recall, both the Prologue and Epilogue in Submerged were told from Lex's POV. I decided to switch things up a bit and write these from Glate's POV in Stouthearted. There is a reason behind it, and you'll understand once Stouthearted is finally released!

This book is a hard one to write compared to my other projects. Not just because it has been some time since I've written Submerged - I am actually checking back to make sure my facts are straight, no worries. But it's also because it's an emotional book. It's a darker story at times, and even though I know what the ending is going to be, and I know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, it's hard getting into that head-space to actually write what happens down because I don't want to face it just yet. Stouthearted is the end of Taylen's story, and it kind of turns everything on its head before things start to fall into place.

I am still considering writing a prequel novella to Submerged, one that would feature an entirely different cast of characters. It really all depends on whether or not I can schedule it in this year. I want to, I really do. I have the story planned out, and I have an excellent idea of the main character, but it all comes down to time. My full-time job eats up a ton of my writing time, but I'm going to try!

P.S. You can now purchase the COMPLETE Emile Reed series as one eBook for only $7.99! I know that seems expensive, but it is actually cheaper to buy the omnibus than it is to buy the eBooks separately; if you purchase the eBooks separately you'll end up spending around $11.(Note that the cover above is only temporary. Carrie Butler, who did the amazing covers for the first three installments, will be redoing the covers for the rest of the series over the summer!)

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