On My TV: Political Animals!

I've decided to do something different on the blog. Once a week, I want to talk about either a television show or movie that I've watched recently. (Fun fact that a lot of people don't know about me: My dream career would be to work in film.) I figured that, since I'm behind on my review pile as I focus on writing my own books, I would try to offer other content in its place. Plus, I think it would be fun. =)

So, once a week I'll be doing either On My TV or On the Big Screen. Since I'm sure you don't want to hear me fangirl over Captain America: The Winter Soldier (I've been going every weekend since it has been released), I figured I'd start off with a TV show that I recently re-watched: Political Animals.

Name of Show: Political Animals
TV Network: USA
Status: Cancelled
Originally Aired In: 2012
Available to Stream: via Netflix
Total Episode Count: 6

I'm not afraid to admit that I started watching this because I've been a fan of Sebastian Stan since The Covenant. I mean, yes, Sigourney Weaver was also a selling point, but Sebastian was what really interested me in this show. (And also, the fabulous Ellen Burstyn is in this!)

This isn't a show for everyone. Some will probably find it to be too soapy, others will probably find it boring, but I actually enjoyed it. The key is getting through the first episode. The first episode is a bit of a mess, but in the other five episodes the show manages to find its ground.

What surprised me the most with this show was how, even with only six episodes, I managed to come to care about the characters. By the end of the final episode, I really came to love this screwed up family. Sure, it is a political show, but there's also a family at the center of the drama.

As someone who has watched a sibling suffer from drug addiction, watching the scenes with T.J. (played by Sebastian Stan) really tugged at my heart strings. He was amazing in this role. The pain, the hurt, all of it? It felt real. I think his story arc was easily my favorite out of every one's because Sebastian completely owned that role. Although I loved every scene that Ellen was in. 

I loved every bit of this mini-series, and I'm still bitter that we won't get to see more from these characters, especially after that ending. But even though the series ended on a cliffhanger, I would still recommend viewers check it out if only for the fantastic performances by the cast. 

You can currently stream all six episodes of Political Animals on Netflix.

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