Book Review: Wild Hearts (Forever Wild #2) by Magan Vernon!

Wild Hearts (Forever Wild #2)Wild Hearts by Magan Vernon
ebook, 53 pages
Published: December 26th 2013 by Beautifully Broken Books
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Description From Goodreads:
Wild Hearts is the second book in the Forever Wild Serial. (This is a six part series with one book releasing every 3 weeks)

Going back to Chicago with her accidental husband should have been torture for Valerie. But when Wes has her bent over the first class bathroom sink, torture is the last thing on her mind.

After landing back in Chicago reality sets in. So does the glaring eye of her roommate, and her former friends with benefits, Max, who seems to be a lot friendlier since Wes came in the picture.

After a meeting with a divorce lawyer, Valerie and Wes find out that they have thirty days for both of them to sign the papers, ending their quickie marriage.

But Valerie doesn’t know if she wants to move on or forever stay Mrs. Wild.

My Review:
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wild Hearts continues where One Wild Night leaves off, and it takes off with quite a bang – literally.
I actually enjoyed this one more than I did One Wild Night.
Since this installment is only around fifty pages, I’m going to keep my review simple:
I don’t care for Max, though I’m guessing we’re going to be seeing more of him.
I think the only issue that I really had with Wild Hearts was Val’s attitude (at times). I get being panicked, I do. Getting hitched in Vegas to a male stripper you’ve just met? Yeah, I’d definitely consider that to be a mistake. But! Wes isn’t an ass. He’s trying like heck to make things work, and while I understand Val’s hesitation, I did find her attitude to be a bit short at times.
All in all, I’m excited to see where this story is headed. I’m enjoying reading about both Val and Wes, and I’m eager for more.

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