Free Audiobooks!

I have codes for free copies of my audio books that Audible sent me. Since I don't really have a use for ten codes, I decided to hand them out. I'm posting them openly, so consider it first come, first serve!

Here are the codes for No Place Like Home:
2)      88HSPXEC45JGT
3)      435NGEYR8RLSW
4)      U32P77TEKDW4G
5)      AFZC42B55KYKS

Here are the codes for Is Love: Volume 1:
2)      9L9XWHS6D7RZB
3)      4LFXN5ADJX93X
4)      8LB9PYWE72NGE
5)      PH6SH8U9Q6HBZ

And here are the instructions on how to redeem the codes:
1.      Visit http://www.audible.com/at/redeem
2.      Enter the download code into the "Redeem Your Promotional Code" field and click "Redeem".
3.      If you’re not an Audible customer you’ll need to create a new Audible.com account. Don’t worry, you can use your Amazon account to do this.
4.      Follow the instructions. You’ll have 1 credit applied to your account.
5.      Go to my book’s listing [insert link here]
6.      Add it to your cart. When you check out you’ll see an option to apply the free credit.

Happy Friday!
<3 Nicole


  1. Yay! My insomnia paid off since I was able to see your email early enough to snag a code. Thanks!