Happy Release Day: "Spark"!

So, Spark is now available and I'm excited to see what you all think. It is currently only live on Smashwords, but it should be up on Amazon before the end of the night. (Barnes & Noble will probably be tomorrow.)

The final word count on Spark came in around 3,310.
I tried doing the "You set the price!" feature on Smashwords, but it kept listing Spark at $4.25. Yeah, sorry, that is just nuts. So I set it at $0.99.

And because I love surprises, I figured now would be a good time to announce there will be another digital short coming from the Outbreak series. This short will take place after Taylen meets Glate but before she enters the other Sectors. It'll explain how they know about Taylen before she even leaves the Family Sector and it'll be told from the POV of one of my favorite characters: Ana.

It'll be another short story and it'll be available at some point in March.

I don't have a title for her short yet, so those of you that have read Submerged, feel free to suggest a title. If I end up choosing your title, you'll get a mention in the next Outbreak novel, as well as some Submerged swag once it comes in!

<3 Nicole

P.S. If you don't like my Facebook page yet, you should probably get to that. I'm doing a Facebook only giveaway right now. And for those of you awaiting a package from me, you should be receiving them soon. (I had a delay in sending them out, but they are on their way!)

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  1. YAYYY CONGRATS!!!! :)

    I'll be thinking of titles! I love coming up with thse things - like "Ben" from Collide! I'm glad my suggestions come to good use :D