Overdue Weekly Update.

So, it is now Tuesday, and I normally post these things on Saturday. Oops.

I've been incredibly busy as of late, and I haven't actually had time to spend on the blog. (I'm hoping to fix that soon!) Between writing, working and trying to squeeze in some time with my family and boyfriend, I'm pretty much running on fumes these days.

Submerged will be out TOMORROW. Yep. A whole day early. I wanted to stick to the release date on this one, but that is going to be impossible as I'll be busy all day on Thursday. So to be safe, I'm going to hit the publish button tomorrow afternoon. The eBook will be $2.99, and it'll be available on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. (The other retailers will take a week minimum to list the title; Smashwords distributes it to them, so I have no control over that.)

I'm working on Decoding Evie again. I just randomly felt like working on it last night, so I opened it up out of the blue. I forgot how much I adore both Evie and Aidan. I want to submit this novelette to Entangled Publishing's Flirt line later this month (don't worry, if they reject it, you'll still get it in June). Want a small teaser? Here you go:

I turned back towards my computer screen, unable to process what the hell had just happened. That was when I noticed a small post-it-note pressed against my Dell monitor. Scribbled across the neon pink post-it was a note from Aidan:
Evie, what are you so afraid of?
What was I afraid of? I was afraid of everything.
I was afraid of letting people in.
I was afraid of falling.
But most of all, I was afraid of myself. I was my own worst enemy.
I grabbed a blank post-it note from the container on my desk and pulled a black pen out of my coat pocket. I allowed my hand to move freely, not thinking of my response. Only then, after I placed the pen down on my desk did I read what I’d written.
I'm also working on Collide (edits + query letter) and Is Love: Vol. 2 (writing/editing). I don't have much to say about either title right now. Is Love: Vol. 2 is still on track for release this month, but It'll be a bit before I receive a decision on Collide from any publishers.

Oh, I should probably mention that Capture is FREE. I'm waiting for Amazon to price-match it so that it'll be free there too, but for right now, it is free through Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes and Sony.

Lots of writing.
Lots of editing.
And all I want to do is read and sleep.

And for those that don't know, I'm holding a giveaway on my Facebook page (found here). All you need to do is review Program 13 (with an honest review) by 12AM EST tomorrow, and then e-mail the link. Details can be found on this post.

<3 Nicole

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