"Spark" Cover Reveal!

Glate's short story, "Spark", will be available for purchase later tonight.
For now, here is the cover and the synopsis:

Ten years ago, when the Outbreak destroyed the only home I knew, I thought that the worst had happened. I was wrong.

Every day is a battle, and there are no guarantees.

But her?

I'm willing to risk it all for her.

She has ignited something in me, something I haven't felt since my mother's death - a burning hope.

I adore Glate. He's tied with Ben (from "Collide") for my favorite male character. He's not perfect - then again, none of my characters are - but he's pretty damn close. Oh and, the guy on the cover? That is as close to Glate as I can get.

You'll be able to purchase "Spark" on Amazon and Smashwords beginning tomorrow.
It'll be available for $0.99 on Amazon, or you'll have the option to purchase it for your preferred price through Smashwords.

You can read the prologue + first three chapters of "Submerged" by going here.
Don't forget, "Submerged" releases on February 14th, 2013.

<3 Nicole

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  1. OOOOOOOOO, I love it!!!! That definitely strikes me as Glate, from I gleaned from Submerged!!!! I love the different tones of blacks and whites and grays :D