Happy New Year + "Collide" Teaser!

I just wanted to pop in quickly to say Happy New Year!

Here is a teaser from Collide:

I ran my finger over the rim of my glass.
This wasn’t exactly how I intended on spending my night. Sitting at a bar, watching as my best friend shoved his tongue down some random girl’s throat. If I had it my way, I’d be at home, in bed with a swoon-worthy book.
Unfortunately for me, Ben wasn’t having that.
“You need to be more social, Gems,” he’d told me. Next thing I knew, we were in his truck and on our way to the nearest hole-in-the-wall pub.
“Anything else, miss?” The bartender asked, throwing a white towel over his shoulder.
I shook my head no, leaning on the bar counter.
I’d never been much of a drinker, mainly because I tended to do stupid things under the influence of alcohol. And by stupid things, I didn’t mean just calling every one of my exes at two o’clock in the morning. No, by stupid things, I meant trying to get into my best friend’s pants.
That was the downside to having an incredibly attractive best friend. It was easy to keep my hormones in check when I was sober, but when I was drunk? All logic went out the door.
“Are you sure about that?” Nate took a seat beside me, a shit-eating-grin wide on his face. “I think the drunken Gemma show is exactly what I need to fix this boring night.”
I turned to glare at him, choosing to ignore the bartender’s smirk.
Another stupid thing I’d done under the influence of alcohol? Made out with Nate, who just so happened to be Ben’s cousin.
This teaser is actually from the opening of Collide.
Hopefully you guys enjoy Collide when it finally releases at some point next month. :)

I'm off to finish up Is Love Vol. 1.
<3 Nicole