2012: A Look Back.

Now that we're officially in 2013, I figured I'd take a moment to reflect back on 2012.

 In 2012, I published:
  1. No Place Like Home
  2. Capture
  3. Program 12
  4. Program 13
  5. Allegiance
  6. We Are All Strangers
That's a lot, but it is nothing compared to what is in store for 2013.

This year I will be publishing:
  1. Is Love: Volumes 1-3
  2. Collide (a NA novel)
  3. Release (Capture, 2)
  4. Capture Extras (a collection of various shorts)
  5. Deprogrammed (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 2)
  6. Standby (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 2.5)
  7. Rebooted (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 3)
  8. New Beginnings  (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 3.5)
  9. Submerged (if it doesn't get picked up) 
  10. Decoding Evie (a NA novelette)
2012 was a great year for me. Sure, my books didn't find a large audience, but they did find an audience, and I've been in contact with some amazing bloggers/readers. 

As for 2013: This year is going to be a lot different. I'm going to be publishing two contemporary projects (Collide and Decoding Evie), both of which are nothing like my other books, so it'll be interesting to see how they do. I'll also be finishing up the Emile Reed series this year, which kind of hurts my heart, but I'm really excited to complete Emile's story. And for those of you who wanted more Hayden, it is probably worth noting that Standby is his novelette.

I'm still hoping to have Survival Instinct ready by the years end, but I don't know, my schedule is already pretty hectic.

I do have a special sci-fi novelette series that I'm developing, though it doesn't look as though it'll be ready for publication until 2014, so I can't tell you much about it. (I will say this: the inspiration came from the tv show Fringe.)

<3 Nicole

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