Saturday Update.

I'm about to head in to work so this post is going to be somewhat short.

If we can get "Is Love (Volume 1)" to at least 100 adds on Goodreads, I will post the first chapter from the novelette on the blog. If we can't hit 100 adds, you won't have to wait too long to read it as it'll be available at some time in January.

Submerged has been sent to my betas, so there's no news on that yet. I will be submitting it to a publisher next month when they re-open to submissions. That is about all I can say on that.

I'm working on Allegiance right now which means I'm re-reading Program 13 for the 2743905730975th time. I'm taking notes so that I don't mess anything up. I already have to revise the cover since I forgot to give her blue eyes. Oops. I'm really happy with Alexis' story so far though. There's a big twist in the short, which is why I'm not posting any teasers from it. What I can promise you is that Hayden's involvement will be explained a bit more, as will a few other things readers were questioning. :)

I am working on a Christmas giveaway for you lovelies. You guys have been awesome this year, so I want to do a giveaway - it'll be an international giveaway - to say thank you. I'll post the details in early December.

And I've stopped doing NaNo. My head isn't in it this year. I wasn't focusing on one project and it was messing me up (which is why there were 15 epilogues drafted for Submerged before I got it right). I will return to Collide in about two weeks. I'm just finishing up Allegiance and the Is Love series first. 

And that's it for this week.

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