Saturday Update (NaNo Edition)!

This is going to be a short Saturday Update since I'm in the middle of NaNo craziness.

I've reworked Collide. Gemma and Cole's story itself hasn't changed, but how their story develops has. I think it works a lot better now, and I'm actually thrilled to be working on it for NaNo (although I now have to hit 6K by tonight to catch up).

For those of you waiting for me to send you Submerged to beta-read. I'll be e-mailing the file on Monday, November 5th. I was going to do it today, but I'm just finishing up the newly added Epilogue, and I need a little more time to try and clean it up a bit more.

A bit of a fangirl moment: I'm a huge fan of Shelley Workinger's Solid series. It is a fantastic sci-fi series that I wish more people knew about. The final book, Sound, was released on the 1st. I bought both the paperback and eBook as soon as they were released, and yesterday when my paperback came in, I was surprised to find I'd been quoted on the back! I've been quoted as Nicole's YA Book Haven before (my old review blog), but this was the first time I'd been quoted as "Nicole Sobon, Author of...". Needless to say, I squealed a bit. :)

If you haven't read the Solid series, you really should. There's romance, action, humor and a likable heroine that learns from her mistakes.

I'm going to end this post with some bad news: I might be switching a few 2013 release dates. I know that I can finish my drafts in time, but I need to take editing into account. I'm not sure which titles will be affected yet (Allegiance and Collide are safe), but the Is Love novelette series might be delayed by a month (all three will be released at once). I'll update you guys on the release dates once I figure everything out. The delays won't be too long, maybe a month at the most.

To make up for the bad news, here is a teaser from Collide (note this is my NaNo project, so it hasn't been edited yet):

11:59 PM. One minute until the ball dropped. I glanced around the room in search of Cole, determined to start off the New Year with a bang. But he was in the corner, his tongue down some blonde’s throat. Some things never changed, I thought.


  1. OMG! You got quoted! That's so cool! And good luck with NaNo! And I WANT COLLIDE LIKE RIGHT NOW lol go New Adult!!!! :D