New to My Shelves (15)

Instead of doing In My Mailbox, I'm going to start doing New to My Shelves every Sunday.

Books Purchased:
  • Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review here)

eBooks purchased this week:
  • Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #1) by Stacia Kane
  • Luminosity (Raven Chronicles #1) by Stephanie Thomas  
  • Gravity (The Taking #1) by Melissa West 
  • Colonization (Paradise Reclaimed #1) by Aubrie Dionne
  • Breakers (Breakers #1) by Edward W. Robertson
  • Melt Down (Breakers #2) by Edward W. Robertson
I haven't been online much this weekend thanks to being sick. Actually, I've barely been on my computer. If you're waiting on an e-mail from me, I'm working on it. I also have to announce a giveaway winner. I'm working on it, I promise! :)

Since I didn't do a Saturday Update post, here are a few updates:
  • I'm only submitting Submerged to one publisher come December. I know that sounds stupid, but it is a dystopian and most editors aren't willing to take on anymore dystopians at the moment. If they reject it, I plan on self-publishing it in 2013. All I know is that, at some point, it will be available for you guys to read. I just don't know when.
  • I'm working on the Ian POV chapter from Capture. It'll be on the blog on December 25th, which is also the release date for Allegiance. I wanted to do a short story for Christmas, but I think reading a certain chapter (chapter six) from Ian's POV is better, no?
  • I'm taking a mini break from Collide right now to focus on finishing Allegiance and finishing up the rest of the Is Love novelette series. I plan on returning to it at the end of the month, but I think you guys are going to like Gemma and Cole.
  • I'm trying to schedule in writing time for Survival Instinct (the novel sequel to The Yearning), but I'm not sure when I'll be able to work on it. My schedule for next year is pretty packed between the Emile Reed Chronicles and Release (Capture, #2). I'm hoping to squeeze Survival Instinct in soon though, because I kind of miss Harper.
  • I've had people ask me if I had any plans on extending Rare Talents. The answer? No. It was a one shot written specifically for an anthology call. I like Parker, but I don't have any plans to revisit her story. Sorry!
  • We Are All Strangers will be available in December. For those wondering which short stories will be included, here is a list: Program 12, The Yearning, Allegiance, Rare Talents, Teenage Reaper, and Linger. What this means is that I will be pulling the short stories I have available once We Are All Strangers goes live again. Program 12 will still be available as an eBook on its own, but that's it.

I'm going to lay down. E-mails (including PDF copies of Submerged that I owe my betas) will go out in the morning.

<3 Nicole

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