Early Release: "Program 12"

I decided to release Program 12 early. =)

You can purchase it now from:
Barnes & Noble

Hopefully you like Program 12. It's a short introduction to what is to come in Program 13... while we're on the P13 topic, here is a random [unedited] snippet:

Hayden came back for me, but I was beginning to wish he hadn’t. He came back because he felt as though I didn’t have the opportunity to live, so he says. But I finally realized the reason he came back was the same reason Colton wanted to go back – to say goodbye. And he had. He left me here alone.

I’d essentially lost my family twice, neither time by choice.

I existed solely because someone wanted me to.

*NOTE: Program 13 is still with the editor, so I won't have the final text done until August (which is why it is coming out in late August).

I have a few posts this week: cover reveals for Magan Vernon's My Alien Romance series, reviews for Ascend and Wake and a giveaway (Seraphina ARC). I'm working on prepping Submerged for submission next month, so chances are you won't hear much from me over the next few weeks. 


P.S. If you are a YA book blogger, I will happily provide you a free copy of any of my stories for review. Just let me know if you are interested.

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