Author Takeover.

Some of you may remember the Indie Spotlight feature I used to host on Nicole's YA Book Haven. It was a short lived feature, but it was one that I enjoyed hosting. Basically, authors were given an entire month to promote their book on my blog. I'm going to do something like that again. Except this time around, it'll only be once a week...not an entire month.

Authors (I don't care if you're self-published or if you're published by the big six, doesn't matter to me), if you'd like to promote your book on my blog, please send an e-mail to NLSobon[at]gmail[dot]com with the following:
  • Your name
  • Your book
  • Goodreads URL for your book
  • Release date
  • What type of post you'd like to do, and whether or not you'd like to host a giveaway
  • Date you'd like to schedule your post for
Note: This is only for MG and YA authors.

Like I said, I'm still a book blogger. Even though this is my writing blog, I still want to help promote YA books.

I have a ton of reviews coming up (thanks to the lovely folks at St. Martins for sending me some awesome reading material). I am open to review requests from self-published authors, just note that I am unable to take on all requests right now. My focus is finishing up Submerged (as in making sure it is 100% edited before I start querying it next month). But I'm aiming to read/review at least two books a week.


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