News on "Capture".

Capture will be out in August. I was hoping to release it sooner, but that just won't be happening. To hire an editor, it is going to cost me a little under $200...which is really the only thing holding back the release right now. Once I know I have the extra money, I'll contact the editor and lock in a projected date for when you can expect it for sure.

In the back of "Capture", I'm going to include the first chapter of "No Place Like Home". And I may include the cover for "Release". We'll see.

There will be a new book trailer cut. The only actual difference will be the music (as I'll be purchasing royalty free music for all of my book trailers).

I still do not have any news on "Program 13". It is now with one agent and six publishers. I'd love for one of them to fall in love with Emile, but it is a hard sell. It isn't a romantic story, and I know that is a big part of what sells these days. And it's definitely out there. Emile and Program 13 share the same body but are two different identities (people doesn't work in this case). A lot of people seem to be confused by that, but I guess that is to be expected since the story starts off with Program Thirteen's P.O.V and eventually shifts to Emile's.

This book is my baby. I worked my butt off on it. So I'm going to release it one way or another. I'd just prefer to release it a more traditional route.

To end this post:
Expect the cover for "Is Love" around the first week of July. Again, this will be an eBook only. There will be no print edition.

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