What's up with "No Place Like Home"?

Since I've had a few people ask me about this, I figured I'd talk about it here.
People have been wondering why these characters are as broken as they are. Sure, Sav's dad's death impacted the people they became. But! They were already broken before then, his death only made things worse.

When I wrote this story, I didn't set out to write extremely screwed up characters. What most people may find surprising is that the characters from "No Place Like Home" are actually based on people that I know. Yeah. All of them, including Sav's mother. Even the situation with the police station, which people find to be unrealistic, is based on a real life incident. So even though the story is fictional, there are elements of the story that came from my real life.

Don't worry, there's romance and humor in "Capture"...and well, there's humor and awesomeness in "Program 13". ;)

And no, there will not be a sequel to "No Place Like Home".

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