An Important Decision.

As you all probably know by now, I'm currently sitting on two completed manuscripts. "Capture", which was written in 2010, and "Program 13", which was written in 2011. I've tried going the traditional route with both books, but it always seems to end the same way:

  • "Capture" is considered a new-adult book, and for that reason, publishers/agents aren't willing to take a chance on it. Something which I can understand. There isn't an actual market for new-adult YA books.
  • "Program 13" is too much sci-fi, not enough romance. This is the thing, I'm not against romance. I just don't really write it. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't work with this story. This is a story about an internal struggle. It isn't about love. Which is precisely why I refuse to rewrite the story so that it is built around a romance.
It's for these reasons that I've decided to stick with self-publishing.

I worked my butt off on these stories. Especially "Program 13". They may not appeal to everyone, which is entirely understandable. But they do have an audience; Figment and Wattpad have both proven this. So I'm going to release them (after professional edits are completed), because I believe they are worth releasing.

I am also planning to release "Submerged" on my own. I will be re-doing the cover, as a big six book just used the same stock photo on a recent release...and I just don't want to confuse readers. "Submerged" will be out by January 2013, the latest. I'm actually aiming to release it earlier than that (I'm hoping for October, but I can't promise that yet).

So here is the current release schedule:
  • "Capture": August 2012
  • "Program 13": September 2012
  • "Is Love": September 2012 (eBook only; novelette)
  • "Submerged": October 2012 (not set in stone)
  • "We Are All Strangers: December 2012 (short story collection)

2013 releases (no dates yet):
  • "Untitled Novella" (The Emile Reed Chronicles, Book 1.5)
  • "Deprogrammed" (The Emile Reed Chronicles, Book 2)
  • "Release" (Capture, book 2)
  • "Untitled sci-fi YA novelette" 
  • "Untitled Novella" (The Emile Reed Chronicles, Book 2.5)
  • "Running Scared" (surprise!)

And because I love you guys, you can read a newly revised version of The Yearning by heading over here. It'll be included in "We Are All Strangers" (and I may make it available on its own via Smashwords within the next week or two).

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