Cover Change.

If you've been wondering why the paperback version of No Place Like Home is currently unavailable, it's because I had some issues with the cover. When my copy came in last week, I didn't like how pixelated the text looked. So I decided to upload a higher resolution image. Problem? The cover creator couldn't fit it within the guidelines, and even after editing it repeatedly, it wouldn't work. For that reason, the paperback edition will have a slightly different cover:

It looks better in person, I swear.
The Kindle edition will continue to use the other cover; as will the other eBook editions upon their release in August.

I can also give you an IDEA of what the Capture paperback jacket will look like (note that I'm still finalizing the back; there will be a blurb on the back):

The back cover will also be a blue hue, it will not be sepia when I'm finished with it. The cover of Release, which I'll reveal around September, will be in the same style as this one.

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