I think the hardest part about trying to make it as a writer is finding a way to handle rejection.

It's something that comes with the dream. If you want to be a writer, you have to be prepared to be rejected. Not everyone is going to like your writing, plain and simple.

But what happens when you receive a rejection, not because they didn't like your project, but because they can't take on another science fiction project at the moment? Or because they recently signed a client with a similar project?

I think those are the hardest to deal with, oddly enough.

I still have a few agents looking into Program 13, and while I'm happy that they seem interested in the plot, I've learned not to invest too much hope into things going anywhere. It's all about moving forward, because in the end, the only way a writer can accomplish their dreams is to keep writing.

I think the only thing keeping me sane through the querying process right now is the feedback from readers who read the old manuscript (these were all taken from Goodreads):
  • This was amazing but the ending was such a huge cliff hanger. I really can't wait to read the next book.
  • It was good but the book stalled for me at the end because I cannot go straight to the next book in the series. Great cliffhanger ending and it will hold me over for now.  
  • Oh my gosh. When I finished this book, my mouth was wide open. I'm not going to say if I was happy or sad, but in some type of shock( especially the last few chapters).This book is about a teenage girl named Emile and one day, she died because of a car "accident". 3 months later she is a program in a company called Vista Life. Over all this book was amazing. 
Of course, with the good reviews come the negative reviews...but like I said, not everyone is going to like my writing. I know this, and I've accepted this. And in the end, I can't let a few negative reviews stop me from trying. What's the worst that can happen if I try? That I fail? So what, at least I tried to accomplish something. Nothing is ever easy, and if it is, it isn't worth it. So I'll keep trying, and I'm sure I'll keep failing, but I won't be giving up on my dream anytime soon. That's for sure.

Onwards! Time to finish Submerged!

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