April NaNo?

I'm having my own April NaNo in order to finish this draft of Submerged.

Current word count on "Submerged": 14,763

In order to complete this first draft within a month, I'll need to write 2k a day. It isn't hard, and I know that, especially considering I knock out 2k short stories almost daily. But for a while, I was stuck on chapter seven. There was this scene between Taylen and Glate that just wasn't working. So I cut it. Now that I have a fresh slate, I'm re-outlining the rest of the novel, so everything should be easier from here on out.

Off to write!

ETA: I have a brand new manuscript I started last night. The working title is "Is Love", and it is a stand alone novel focusing on the one thing I hardly focus on: love.That is all I can say for now.

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