"Capture" Excerpt

Here is a random excerpt from "Capture":

Before I could argue, Ian leaned in and pressed his lips gently against mine. He lifted his hands to the sides of my face, pulling me closer to him. No. No. No. I felt as though the room was spinning. Every argument. Every question. Every fear. It was all gone, replaced by the satisfaction of this moment. I could feel his lips part over mine, the rush of cool breathe escaping between my lips.
Remembering what we were here for, I pulled away, brushing my hand against my lips. Ian didn’t move. He sat still, waiting for me to say something. “We should get back to studying. Ramona will probably be back soon.”
I couldn’t tell him what I truly felt. I couldn’t afford to lower my guard now, not when I had a job to complete. Ian retrieved his book and proceeded to study, completely ignoring me. Crap. Afraid I’d hurt his feelings, I reached for his hand and closed my eyes. If I couldn’t say how I felt, the least I could do was show him how I felt. Even if I knew that I was going to regret it. Ian squeezed my hand harder, as if trying to hold onto my thoughts. It was enough for him. It was enough for now.

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