Here are some status updates (I won't be giving specifics as to which agents or publishers):

  • Submitted to two small publishers. One is an eBook publisher, while the other is a pretty amazing independent publisher. Why I went this route with Capture: Autumn is an eighteen year old, gun toting, knife wielding, clumsy heroine who is the New Witch. Yeah, not something that would probably attract an agents eye. It's more so a new adult book as opposed to a young adult book.
Program 13:
  • Three full manuscript requests from agents. I'm hoping they love it, but after being told it isn't marketable last year, I'm preparing myself for rejections. That sounds terrible, huh? Haha. But this business is very subjective, and I've learned that it's best to prepare for the worst. It makes it easier to push forward.
No Place Like Home (novella):
  • With an editor; should be ready for release in June.
I'm still working on Submerged. I really can't wait to finish this story. It's just taking way too long for me to finish this first draft (seriously, I started this in August of last year). It isn't that I don't love it, because I do, but I've been having some health issues as of late and I need some rest. But in order to rest, I need to finish this first draft. So I'm slowly pushing through it. This April NaNo session I'm pulling is exactly what I needed.

I've decided to post a few photos that I took while in Seattle, WA last year while I was working on Program 13. These images inspired scenes and locations used within the story. I have a ton more, there is even one that inspired the hotel scene near the end of the novel. But I'll post that at a different time.

 This photo inspired a really scene featuring  Colton and Emile. The photo directly below this one? The inspiration for the location of the scene.
 If you've read the prologue, you'll know that an alleyway plays a big part in what happens to Emile. This was the alleyway that inspired that scene.
 This ties back to the first two photos.
This is the inspiration for the scene in which Emile takes off for safety.
Do not use the above photos without my permission.

And that is that. It's time for this girl to get back to writing. :)

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