Late Teaser: "Capture"

It's almost Wednesday, so this is actually super late. The scene below takes place about halfway through "Capture". I haven't really posted any scenes with Holly on here. She is a fun character, and I loved writing her. She may not be the gun toting, knife wielding, clumsy character that Autumn is, but she is awesome in her own right. She kind of reminds me of Penelope Garcia (a character on Criminal Minds). That's probably the best way to describe her.

Anyway, here is the teaser I owe you guys:

“Autumn,” Holly fell to her knees so that we were eye to eye. “Trust me on this, please.”
“Why?” I clenched my hands into fists. “Why should I trust you, when I can see what the others are thinking? Most of them aren’t expecting me to come back from this, Holly. They’re already convinced I’m going to die, and you know what? They are probably right.”
Holly reached up to brush my cheek. “Don’t.”
I plan to start on "Release" around July/August, as I should have "End It On This" and "Submerged" completed by then...and maybe even "Running Scared". We'll see. But 2012 is my writing year. :)

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