Decision Made on "Capture".

After much consideration, I have decided to re-publish "Capture" in August 2012. I don't have a set date yet, but I'm set on August (although that may change). I will be hiring an editor this go-round.

I know people seemed to like the cover with the girl on the front, but as there are limitations on how many copies I can sell with that image (due to licensing), I've decided to go with my original cover. Some people may hate it, but I think it fits the story better.

As for "Release", the one and only sequel to "Capture", I'm thinking of a January 2013 release date. That may sound crazy, but if I knock out the draft in a month (probably around August), I'll be able to have a polished manuscript by then. Again, that time-frame can change - nothing is set in stone.

I will be taking blogger eARC requests in July, and I will be looking into scheduling a blog tour around September.

This book is my baby. I say that is the first novel I've ever written. That isn't true, "Crave" actually is (and no, that novel will not be seeing the light of day...ever). But I like to block out "Crave", and pretend that book never happened. ;)

So yeah, there's that.

I'm still awaiting a few responses concerning "Program 13". If things don't work out, I will probably look into self publishing that as well. Most likely around the same time as "Capture". I will be diving back into "Deprogrammed" (P13 Book Two) in June. That book will take priority over "Release". Like "Capture", if I self publish this title, I will be hiring an editor.

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