Late Teaser Monday: "Capture" and "Submerged"

Today is Tuesday. Not Monday. The things you learn. :P

Anyway, here is a "Capture" teaser:

“You know, it’s not normal to talk to yourself.” Ian called out.
“You can be rather annoying, you know that?” he laughed, falling off the crate. “That’s what you get, jerkface.”
I returned my attention to the map, watching the groups of guards closely. I counted each group as my eyes scanned over the city. The guards traveled in groups of five. “Well, that doesn’t make sense.”
“What doesn’t make sense?” Ian jogged up behind me. “What’d you find?”
“Look,” I pointed out various groups of Lucas’ men. “There are only five guards per group. When have you known Lucas to send out such small groups of guards?” It just didn’t make sense. Why would he lower his groups now? Was he scrambling to come up with some sort of backup plan? “There has to be a reason he’s spread his army this thin. We’re missing something. Something big.”

Second "Capture" teaser:
“There’s an army of guard’s out there. Please don’t tell me you’re expecting to take them on yourself.”
“Well then, I won’t tell you.” I could feel the corners of my lips rising in a smile.
“You really are stubborn.” Liam shook his head.
“I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.”
With my Blaster in hand, I moved from behind the rubble. I crept out closer towards the guards, more than ready for whatever they had planned. “There’s no escaping now, Autumn.” Holly cried out over the earpiece. “You should have just stayed behind!”
“I’ve got this, Hol. Don’t worry.”
“I know you do,” the Official’s voice caught me off guard. “Just stay focused, child.” 

Special teaser from "Submerged" (this will be the FINAL teaser for this book until it is completed):

The crowd erupted in applause. “Troum, our savior!”
I stood there silently, my gaze drifting to Lex.
You can do this, he mouthed.
I don’t have a choice.
With no other choice, I joined in with the others. The anger rang through my body. I wanted to lash out at Troum, to make him pay for everything. To make him pay for ruining our lives. But I couldn’t. Not until I retrieved my sister. I threw my arms above my head, pumping my fists in the air with fury. I fought to force a smile on my face. Troum’s eyes were fixed on me, waiting for the slightest slip up. But there was no way I was going to allow myself to fail. Not now. I was capable of being selfless when I needed to be, even if my actions usually proved otherwise.

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