Drafting Frenzy.

If you remember the original draft of Submerged, the one with a prologue, you'll remember that I hinted at the flood scene. I ended up deleting the prologue after realizing it just wasn't working. And today I finally managed to work out the flood scene perfectly. I've also thought of a way to introduce the companion novel(s). I can't say much, but they will be set in the same time, but in different locations and with different characters. Where Taylen's story ends, another character's story will begin. I've plotted out the first companion novel, I'm still re-plotting the second (I don't plan on writing more than two companion novels).

What I have on submission:
  • Program 13: the first book in young-adult science fiction trilogy.
  • Capture: the first book in a young adult, urban fantasy duology.
  • The Yearning: a young-adult zombie short story.
No Place Like Home will be heading to an editor next week. I'm really excited by this. No Place Like Home is a contemporary novella with paranormal elements. It isn't what I intended to write when I started it, but I think it became the story it was supposed to be all along. Due to editing and needing time to create a book trailer, I've pushed the release back to June.

And to end this entry, I'll post a comment from Figment (that a reader left on the few chapters of Submerged I have up). Needless to say, this made my day:

This is amazing dystopian! I was very much intrigued by the original concept, and your natural writing style. It deserves way more hearts than it has now. Keep writing, you are very talented.

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