Teaser Tuesday: First Chapter of BRAVE NEW WORLD (Unedited!)

It has been a bit since I've updated this blog.

To make up for my absence, here is the first chapter of BRAVE NEW WORLD. Please note, this chapter is not edited. It could change prior to publication.

A note before you begin reading: If you have yet to read the other Guardians novellas, you should do so now. Here is the reading order: ARABELLA, THE SHADOW PROGRAM, and SERAPHINA.


The idea of joining a superhero team had never been all that enticing to me. Until I met Ellie and the others. To say they were a disaster was putting it lightly. The three of them tried, I would give them that.

But man, they were crap at being a functional team.

Sure, they got the job done, but that didn't mean it was done well.

A team was supposed to work together, and from what I could gather, these girls were nearly incapable of doing so due to a mixture of ego and stubbornness. Although, to be fair, the young fire girl seemed to be thrown into the mix without much warning. I did like her, though.

Her powers admittedly scarred the crap out of me, but I liked her.

She reminded me of myself when I was younger. The world of magic and powers was fascinating back then. The idea of that kind of power existing in reality? It was exciting. Until it became a necessary tool to survive.

Being a Super was not what it was cracked up to be, unfortunately.

Most of the world hated us and wanted us dead. All I wanted to do was live out my life in a remote area and run an animal sanctuary. Simple enough. But a simple life was not a life for a Super. It seemed I was destined to suffer.

"Ruby," a voice sounded from behind me. I turned to find Arabella jogging toward me with a bag in one hand and a tablet in the other. "Dawson assures me you've been given a thorough tour, so I wanted to give you some clean clothes and a tablet.”

I glanced down at the clothes in her hand and my eyes nearly bulged as I took in the royal blue leather ensemble. It wasn’t that it was unappealing. I quite liked it, honestly, but I failed to see how it would be useful in battle. Even though I used magic to fight, there were still the occasional instances in which I did enjoy hand-to-hand combat. There was just something refreshing about being able to take down a lowlife with my body.

It was even more powerful than magic.

And it was just more visually appealing.

“It’s a lot more flexible than you’d imagine,” she assured me.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re used to persuading others to embrace leather uniforms?” I stifled a laugh as I took the clothes from her hand. I couldn’t deny the blue was a flattering shade, at least. And honestly? I was in dire need of something clean to slip into.

“Because I seem to be the only one here with a sense of fashion,” she teased.

While it was safe to say I hadn’t really gotten a chance to know the others all too well just yet, there was no denying there was something mysterious about Arabella. From what I could gather, she was reckless, and at times, quite arrogant. But I was sure there was more to her than she liked to showcase.

After all, why would she willingly take in a group of misfits? It was bad enough we all had targets on our back on our own. Bringing us together to fight as a single unit? It was asking for danger, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“A warning about Ellie,” Arabella said. “If you see her practicing with her sword? I would make a point to keep a distance. Sometimes she gets lost inside of her memories, and it becomes hard to decipher what’s real and what isn’t.”

“Noted, thanks.” I tucked the clothes under my arm and watched as Arabella took off back toward the building. Part of me wanted to follow in hopes of familiarizing myself with my new home away from home.

However, I couldn’t force myself to leave having finally found a moment of silence.

The downside to being a Super was having to constantly run and hide. It wasn’t that I hadn’t understood why the general public was terrified of us. We were essentially living weapons just waiting for a moment to go off – the kid had proven as much. So yeah, they had every right to fear us.

Still, with the bad, there was always good, and it was almost always overlooked.

I went out of my way to try and save people, to live up to the idea of a superhero, in my early days on the run. Only to realize it was useless. There were plenty of bad apples among us, so much so my actions had been for naught. Every bit of good I did? They would undo with a single action.

So, I stopped. I stopped caring. I stopped trying to be what everyone else what me to be. However, most importantly, I stopped giving a damn about the world around me. I’d closed myself off. There was no reason to suffer for a world that didn’t want you around, I’d convinced myself. Until I saw Arabella and the others.

I did my research, of course. I knew who her father was; he’d tried to use her abilities for his own gain. And for a while? It had worked. Same with Ellie. For years, she’d served blindly as part of The Shadow Program, until she seemingly managed to free herself of their control. An impressive feat given what I’d learned about the latter institution.

It was rare for an assassin to escape alive, but she had.

She wasn’t a Super, but like us, she longed to belong somewhere. Perhaps it was why, despite the inability for the others to truly function as a team, I found myself eager to join them. Beneath the chaos and egos, there was a promise of what could be and the idea excited me.

Even if it meant I had to don a tight leather ensemble during battle.

I took one last look over the edge of the building, smiling as I saw my fellow Supers taking to the streets, no longer fearful of what awaited them beyond the shadows. “This is how it should have always been,” I thought.

Now I just needed to ensure it remained this way.

BRAVE NEW WORLD does not have a publication date. It's almost finished, however, I don't feel comfortable committing to a date at the moment. As it is the conclusion to this series, I'm trying to ensure I tie up loose ends.

One thing I can promise? It will be my next release, and yes, it is coming before the end of the year.


HUNTED News: Title Change & More!

I'm incredibly happy to announce InkSpell has picked up HUNTED for publication.

I officially signed the contract on Friday. I still had the book out on submission at a couple other publishers, however, after working with InkSpell on the COLLIDE series and my short story in MAGIC & MISCHIEF, I felt InkSpell was a good fit for this title.

There are a few changes, though. The book will now be titled THANKS FOR THE VENOM. And while I do intend for it to be a standalone, I am not against writing sequels in the future should I come up with the right story to tell. The book is currently set for publication in August 2022.

I adore this book so much. Harley is such a fun character, and I love her dynamic with Drake. I've been toying with some potential sequels or prequels, which is why I'm not ruling out future installments. If something becomes of these ideas, I'll be sure to announce it here. For the time being, though, this is a standalone title and I'm excited to share it with all of you... next year.

Onto other news!

I'm currently working on TIME AFTER TIME now. I intended to self-publish this last month. However, the book was not where it needed to be; it's still note quite there, but I'm happy with how it is coming along. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to self-publish it, or submit it to some publishers. This, like THANKS FOR THE VENOM, will be a standalone.

Above is an unedited snippet from the book.

This is a Young Adult romance story. It has some dark moments, but there are plenty of sweet moments thrown in, too. If you enjoyed the Emile Reed Chronicles, I think you'll enjoy this story.

As I'm finishing this book up, I'm also working on BRAVE NEW WORLD. I want to ensure I wrap up all the stories for our four heroes. Technically, it could be done as is, but I don't feel as though it is a completion to the series. These girls deserve to have a proper sendoff. When it's ready, I will do a new pre-order through Draft2Digital, which will allow it to be pre-ordered through all eBook retailers!

As to other releases for the year... I intend on finishing DEADLY LITTLE SECRET on Radish, as well as HAUNTED. When these are complete, there will be an exclusivity window to Radish and then I'll be free to self-publish them everywhere. So, keep an eye out!

Other than those titles, AS WE FALL is my only other planned release this year. You'll get that book in October. 

I do have ideas for new books, of course, but I don't want to announce anything until it has been completed going forward. For now, back to writing I go!

<3 Nicole


HUNTED is Complete!

Well, it's official. HUNTED is complete. My standalone Young Adult vampire book is done, and I'm honestly kind of excited. I'm in the process of trying to find it a home right now. I'm hopeful I will have news to share in a couple of weeks. 

I know I disappeared again. This was mainly due to needing time for me. As many of you know, I do have some health issues: fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis being the main two culprits. When I experience bad flare-ups, it makes it hard to do much of anything. This includes writing, unfortunately. So, yes. I did disappear, but I'm back. I'm feeling a little better now, thanks to my doctor, so I'm focusing on getting my release schedule back on track.

Since HUNTED is finished, I'm back to working on BRAVE NEW WORLD. That novella is nearly complete, I just need time to edit and make sure the timelines match before I give a new publishing date. I'm also going to return to working on TIME AFTER TIME, as well as my two Radish stories: HAUNTED and DEADLY LITTLE SECRET.

I also have plans to write a brand new story specifically for a publisher I've been interested in submitting to for some time now: NineStar Press. This one will be a novella, so around 20k words. I plan on knocking it out relatively soon.

<3 Nicole


Weekly Update: HUNTED, Audiobooks, and More!

2020 has been a strange year. We can all agree on this, of course. However, it has led to me finding my drive to write again - something I've been struggling with for a bit now. I've had a ton of half-started projects on my laptop that seemed to die after I hit the mid-way point.

This year, though, I've birthed new life into old books. I've also locked down a publishing schedule for 2021. Sticking to a schedule has been hard for me in recent years. I deal with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, on top of PCOS, anemia, and terrible anxiety/depression. On their own? Each is bearable. When they all decide to hit at once, though? I'm useless. I'll spend my entire day in bed. Which is why I'm thrilled I've gotten so much done this year.

I released MY SOUL TO SAVE in the summer as part of InkSpell Publishing's MAGIC & MISCHIEF anthology. I released the third installment of the Guardians novella series, SERAPHINA. I wrote and released an unplanned Christmas novella: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

Now, I'm putting the finishing touches on HUNTED. A standalone Young Adult vampire title I started earlier this year. It was an unplanned project. I hit 9K and ended up putting it on pause to work on other projects. It's finally almost done now, though, and I will begin submitting it to publishers in about two weeks. Here's a fun (unedited) sneak-peek.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this, but could you perhaps cover up?” Esme seemed on edge when she spoke. Her eyes were darker than usual. A tell-tale sign it was time for her to feed, and soon.

“I don’t know, I quite enjoy the view,” Felix teased.

“Of course, you do, you pig.” Esme rolled her eyes. “You’re playing with fire, Harley.”

“What’s wrong with a little danger?” It was like dangling a forbidden fruit in front of them. On one hand, I was pretty sure my blood wouldn’t have quenched their thirst. After all, it had been tainted by the venom. Still, blood was blood. “Besides these are merely my lounge clothes.”

“Lounging around a bunch of hungry vampires while looking like that isn’t the smartest idea.” Drake came strolling from the back of the house in nothing but a pair of black jeans. My mouth nearly dropped when I saw the way he was built underneath it all. How had he managed to hide that from me? And holy crap. “Trust me.”

I'm hoping to have some publishing news for HUNTED in January. So, keep your eyes peeled!


Guys, there are a lot of audiobooks coming from me. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is coming very, very soon. I submitted the final audiobook for review a week or two ago. The narrator did such a fantastic job. Audiobooks for COLLIDE: BOOK ONE, CAPTURE, REBOOTED, and ARABELLA are also in production now, too.

Speaking of Capture...

I intended on unpublishing CAPTURE. The book hadn't connected with readers like I had hoped, but I decided to simply make it Amazon exclusive. So yes, you can still grab it as an eBook and in paperback -- eBook will be out in 2021. Even better? It's now available as part of Kindle Unlimited.

It's a romance-heavy story with action tossed in. It's a weird story, yes, but I love Autumn and Ian too much to discard them. Plus, I still really want to write the sequel.

Radish Books!

Want some New Adult titles from me? Head to Radish. I have LEAVE ME HAUNTED and DEADLY LITTLE SECRET which I'm writing for the app. I'll be focusing on them full-time next week. This means chapters will be added more frequently. There is a certain amount of time these must be exclusive to Radish. Once that window is up, the books will be available on Amazon (they will be Amazon exclusive). If you want to read them now? Radish is the best way.

<3 Nicole


New Release: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is Now Available.

It has been a bit since I've had a new release. And honestly? Releasing a new title in 2020 is... interesting. Still, I'm excited to say ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is now available. This short read (around 14K words) is a cute New Adult, second-chance romance. 

Meet Jana and Greg!

I'm doing a very, very, very limited paperback run as it doesn't hit the 100+ page mark in print. If you want a paperback copy, you can snag one through Amazon for the next two weeks. If you prefer audiobooks? I'm happy to say ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS will be hitting Audible very soon. I just approved the files today - it's perfect! - I'm just waiting on Audible to approve the audiobook now.

I'm off to finish work on HUNTED and BRAVE NEW WORLD.

<3 Nicole


DEADLY LITTLE SECRET is Moving to Radish!

I've made the decision to pull DEADLY LITTLE SECRET from Dreame. It's now on Radish Fiction. Overall, I did not have a pleasant experience with Dreame. (I was offered an exclusive contract for it, but ultimately passed.) I am loving Radish, though! So you can find both DEADLY LITTLE SECRET and LEAVE ME HAUNTED on there now. 

If you haven't met Lila and Jay yet, I would suggest you do so. The story goes live on Radish on November 21st and will release on chapter at a time. (Yes, there's romance. It's a fun one, too!)

I decided not to finish NaNoWriMo. It was a decision I didn't make lightly. Ultimately, I just don't have it in me. (I don't know if I've touched on this in the past: I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.) I wish I did - trust me. I've learned in recent years, however, it's not good to push myself if I can't physically do it. The writing is getting done. It's just at my own pace... which is probably better. My NaNo drafts are always terrible. (Here's looking at you, CAPTURE.)

I'm going to knock out HUNTED this month and then focus on TIME AFTER TIME and BRAVE NEW WORLD. (Yes, I'll be updating my Radish exclusives, too. Those are only a chapter at a time, though, so it's not bad.)

I'll be submitting HUNTED to Entangled Publishing (for the Teen Crave line), Evernight Teen, Clean Teen Publishing, and InkSpell once it has been completed and edited. I'm hopeful it'll find a home. If it doesn't, you'll get it early on in 2021 from me. Either way, you're getting Harley and Drake... at some point!

I've finally gotten around to trying to knock out more audiobook titles. This includes COLLIDE, the rest of the EMILE REED series, and ARABELLA. No promises, as I need to go through auditions and find the best narrators for each project... but I'm working on it.

I know I haven't been making any updates on books I'm reading lately. I am reading, though, and I'm still purchasing more books than I probably have a right to given my TBR pile. I'll try to get back into the habit of doing Stacking My Shelves posts.

Don't forget: ALL I WANT FOR CHIRSTMAS is out on the 23rd! (You can actually snag a paperback copy now; the paperback will only be live until a week before Christmas! It's a limited-run.)

<3 Nicole Sobon


New Story: LEAVE ME HAUNTED on Radish!

Do you use Radish? Well then, you're in luck!

I have a new story I'm publishing exclusively on Radish titled LEAVE ME HAUNTED.

It has ghosts and romance... and it's New Adult.

This was a project I intended to write after I finished HUNTED.
Obviously, that didn't happen. I'm working on four different titles at the moment. This one is probably the craziest. It's also the heaviest on the romance... but there are ghosts!

Something you probably don't know about me? I watch all of those paranormal investigation shows. All. Of. Them. So, I've been wanting to write something inspired by them for some time. HAUNTED is the story I didn't know I needed to write. It's just fun, and boy, I needed something fun to write.

Like DEADLY LITTLE SECRET (on Dreame!) and HUNTED, this is a standalone story. However, because it's on Radish and I'm publishing a chapter every week, I don't know how long it'll be just yet. The first chapter goes live on November 7th and the second chapter goes live on November 14th. So, every Saturday, you'll receive a new chapter of Emma and Zack goodness.

You can also read PROGRAM 13 and SUBMERGED in full on Radish now, too.

My goal is to publish a second Radish exclusive story in early 2021, as my current projects will be completed by December. However, no promises just yet. If I do, would you prefer more Young Adult or New Adult titles?

<3 Nicole