Cover Real: SERAPHINA, The Third Novella in the Guardians Series!

I know I've been quiet on here. I'm currently healing from surgery -- I finally had my gallbladder removed -- and I'm sore as all hell. So this is a bit late. I already posted it on Twitter and Facebook, but for those of you that missed it, here is the full cover for Seraphina! This is the third novella in the Guardians series, following Arabella and The Shadow Program

Full synopsis is still to come.

I originally planned on releasing it next month, however, the deadline for Collide #3 was moved up -- which is a good thing! -- so I can't focus on Seraphina at the moment. While this means a September release isn't guaranteed. I can promise it'll be released before December. 

Like the covers for Arabella and The Shadow Program, the cover for Seraphina was created by Christa of Paper and Sage Design.

And now I'm back to resting/writing on my Alphasmart as I still can't sit up that long to use my laptop. I'm in and out of Twitter if you need me, but for the most part, I won't be back around full-time for a bit. (Gotta heal first!)

<3 Nicole

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