Collide: Book Two is Finished!

It. Is. Done.
Collide: Book Two, that is.

I officially sent the file in to InkSpell Publishing tonight and will be taking a short break before I dive back into Rebirth, and then into Collide: Book Three. I kind of super love this book, mainly because it was a much-needed break from all of the dark stories I've been working on. (I'm looking at you, Rebirth.) Collide: Book Two does deal with some heavy stuff, yes, but there are also plenty of steamy scenes, as well as the usual humor between the trifecta -- Gemma, Ben, and Molly. 

If you haven't read the first book yet, the book is expected to be released digitally in December, with the cover reveal more than likely coming in September. Since this is a novella series, the books will be digital only releases. There will not be paperback editions. (Sorry, folks.) But! It's fun, I promise. And yes, there are super steamy scenes.

And with that, here's a teaser from the first book!

<3 Nicole

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