New to My Shelves: Pandora, Fixes, and More!

eBooks Purchased:
Never Fear the Reaper (A Never Fear the Reaper Series Book 1) by Ashley Pagano
Second Kiss (Violet Hill Book 1) by Chelsea M. Cameron
Style by Chelsea M. Cameron

I didn't purchase any physical boos this week. That's because I'm actually trying to get rid of some right now. (Remember how I said I had about ten tall stacks without a home? I wasn't kidding.) But! That didn't stop me from getting a few Kindle books.

NetGalley Books:
Fix Me by Lisa M. Cronkhite
Project Pandora (Assassin Fall, #1) by Aden Polydoros
Amid Stars and Darkness by Chani Lynn Feener

I actually started Project Pandora yesterday, and I'm really, really enjoying it! It's a thrilling book that is full of surprises. If you guys haven't added it to your "to-read" lists, do so. Immediately!

Updates time:

I'm excited to announce that Carrie, who has done the covers for the entire Emile Reed series -- with the exception of the omnibus edition -- has worked her magic on the covers for Standby and New Beginnings! So yes, the entire series will match really, really soon! She's super awesome and I can't wait to share both covers with you guys. (Guys, the cover for Standby is easily my favorite!)

Also! Capture is getting a revamp courtesy of Christa, who has done the covers for pretty much all of my other books -- with the exception of Survival Instinct. The reason for the cover update? I'm actually readying a release for the sequel, Release, which should be in your hands come January! The plan is to also have her make the cover for Release, but that won't be ready for awhile. It's worth noting that Christa is also hard at work on the cover for Seraphina, the third installment in the Guardians novella series. I plan on bugging her about the covers for the still untitled fourth installment within the next couple of months.

And finally! Collide, which is being re-released through InkSpell Publishing, is getting a facelift in a couple of months. Right now, I'm getting ready to begin edits with the editor as I finish working on the second installment. The plan is to submit the second book to them within the next week or two, then take a short break to work on Rebirth, and then dive back into the third and fourth books back to back. Assuming the series does well, I'd love to write a Molly spin-off series. In fact, I even have a title and idea for a three book novella series, so we shall see!

Have a happy and safe July 4th!


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