New to My Shelves: Mermaids, Runes, and More -- Plus updates on Audio Books!

This is going to be a rather packed New to My Shelves, so settle on in, folks!

Purchased Books:
Paper Princess: A Novel (The Royals) by Erin Watt
SINK (Mermaid Royalty) by M.E. Rhines.

Purchased eBooks:
The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs
Under Ground (UNDER GROUND #1) Alice Rachel
Starr Fall: Book One of the Starr Fall Series by Kim Briggs
The Bodyguard: Legacies of the Amazons by Wende Dikec

NetGalley Books:
Sleeper by MacKenzie Cadenhead
Waste of Space by Gina Damico
Body Parts by Jessica Kapp

Now, onto the update portion of this post... the audio books! I'm proud to announce that Decoding Evie will officially be released as an audio book later this year. The perfect narrator has signed on to record the novella, and I can't wait to hear what she does with this rom-com short love story. This makes for the third audio book I have in production, alongside Program 12 and Program 13, which are also set to release later this year.

I'm hoping to add Capture and Stouthearted to that list, too, but I haven't had as much luck finding the right narrators for those, sadly. And for fans that were hoping to have the narrator for Submerged back for the sequel, I don't think that's going to happen -- although, I'd love if it did! -- but I'm definitely working on finding someone with the same kind of narration for Stouthearted.

As for upcoming releases... I'm nearly finished with the second installment of Collide, which is getting a makeover and re-release from InkSpell Publishing. The new cover won't be ready for a couple of months yet, but I'm set to kick off edits on the first installment relatively soon! I've enjoyed diving back into this world with these characters and I'm glad that they're getting a second chance. The group -- Gemma, Ben, Molly, Nate, etc. -- are just pure fun to write, even when things get heavy from time to time. The first installment will be on sale this December. If you haven't already, make yourself familiar with these characters!

And finally, a quick update on Rebirth. I have a release date locked in, but I can't put the book up for pre-order on Amazon just yet. That's because pre-orders can't be listed more than three months out, so it'll be a bit before you ca pre-order it there. I am, however, working on getting the pre-orders live on Draft2Digital, so stay tuned!

To end this post, here's a teaser from Collide #2!

<3 Nicole

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