LOOK: 'Capture' Has a Brand New Cover!

This is something I've been teasing for awhile now and officially revealed on my author Facebook page last night, but Capture, the first book in the Lunica City duet, has received a new cover. The cover, like the previous one, was designed by Christa of Paper & Sage Design and perfectly captures the essence of the story. 

So, why did I change the cover? (Again.) Well, it came down to two things, really.

The first being sales. Unfortunately, Capture never really took off with readers like both Submerged and the Emile Reed Chronicles did. I'd like to think part of this was due to the rather generic covers I've used in the past. This new cover is the exact opposite of that. 

The second reason? I'm finally readying the second and final book in the series, Release. That book will finally arrived in early 2018, and I've already scheduled a cover session with Christa to work on it. In order to keep the covers consist, I knew Capture's cover needed to change.

I've already submitted the new cover to Amazon, so it should be live by this afternoon. The paperback, on the other hand, won't be ready for a few days as it has to undergo a review process by Createspace before it hits Amazon.

If you haven't already, you can download Capture for $0.99 through Amazon now.

<3 Nicole

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