'The Shadow Program' + More Updates!

I'm excited! For once this year, I'm actually on schedule.

The Shadow Program will finally release on Thursday. It's a little shorter than Arabella, but that's mainly because with five novellas? A lot of these stories continue in the other installments. Arabella's story continues in The Shadow Program, and Ellie's story from The Shadow Program will continue in the next novella. (The title will be revealed at the end of The Shadow Program!) These five novellas will then be followed up with a full-length novel showcasing these five female superheroes. I'm very excited about it, especially since the third installment will be the lightest (in tone) book I've written to date.

Following The Shadow Program, I'll be turning my attention back to Collide and Survival Instinct. When those will be released? I'm not sure. Thankfully, my doctor's are finally figuring out some of the issues taking place with me. I'm currently getting weekly Iron IV drips, and I have to do blood work every couple of weeks. I'm also getting a few more tests done to figure out if I need to have surgery done for the cysts. So, it's been an interesting past six months.

With all of this finally getting taken care of, I'm able to find time to sit down and write again. I'm also diving back into reading, which I've missed so damn much. I'm hoping to be more active on here in the coming weeks, but I can't promise anything.

I've also talked to Carrie about re-doing the final covers for The Emile Reed Chronicles. Those should be coming soon. I've had to keep putting these off because these doctor appointments are so damn expensive. (Each appointment runs me $65... and I go every Thursday to the hematologist alone. Add in the other doctors? It adds up.) I'm also hoping to have a cover for Release, the sequel to Capture soon.

Basically? You have A LOT of stuff coming your way from me soon.

I'm going to do a giveaway in the coming weeks to make up for all of this, so keep an eye out. On that note: All packages are now being shipped UPS and Fed-Ex after I've had multiple packages go missing through USPS. (Unfortunately, they've also found blue boxes around my house that I've been using that have been tampered with - people were stealing the mail - so I'm going to have to be careful mailing bookmarks out now too.)

<3 Nicole

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