Mini Review: Side-Kicked by Russell Brettholtz.

Book: Side-Kicked by Russell Brettholtz
Release Date: 10/27/15
Publisher: Magnetic Press
Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley
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Book Description:

It should come as no surprise to learn that within the superhero "community," egos run rampant. But how does all that free-flowing narcissism impact those just outside the spotlight? Chicago finds out when five of the city's most loyal Sidekicks finally grow tired of being disrespected by both the prima donnas they work with and the citizenry they strive to protect. And it's not like the Windy City needs yet another labor upheaval... 

My Review: 

Side-Kicked is a fun little comic for readers looking for something a bit different from comics.

I'm always looking for new comics to check out and when I came across Side-Kicked, the cover immediately caught my attention, and then the description sold me.Unfortunately, Side-Kicked wasn't exactly what I hoped for. While fun, Side-Kicked is a bit scattered. It doesn't flow well, and the artwork at times is rather unappealing. Still, Side-Kicked manages to be intriguing enough that it's still somewhat enjoyable.

If you're looking for something different than the usual comics from the big two, then Side-Kicked is definitely worth a read. But I'm still undecided on whether or not I'll continue to follow the rest of the story.

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